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Tiger Woods was 'alpha' in the room at PGA Tour players' LIV golf meeting

Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas attended aplayer-only meetingat the Hotel du Pont, about 10 minutes from Wilmington. I was one of those who attended. (Del.) Country Club, the venue for his BMW Championship this week. According to McIlroy, when it came to the conversation, Woods, who flew with Fowler for the powwow on Woods' private jet, acted as the room's "alpha," which lasted over three hours.

Discussions centered around his players at the top of the game being on the same page when it comes to his LIV golf and improving the PGA Tour to allow more celebrities to bolt to rival Saudi Arabia. was to share an idea on how to prevent the -backup circuit.

Many of the details about these ideas are currently being held between the player and commissioner Jay Monahan, who wasn't in attendance, but on Wednesday he will be at BMW. You are expected to meet the players individually. All three of his players present said they generally agreed and left the meeting feeling positive about the general direction of the discussion.

Tiger Woods flew from his home in South Florida to this week's BMW Championship in Delaware for a players-only meeting about LIV Golf.

ROOM BETTER "I was left in a place and excited about what could happen," one player who was in the meeting told The Post. Whenever you can collect , it rarely happens... Maybe it should have happened a while ago."

Woods' presence also played a big part.

His 15-time major champion failed to qualify for the playoffs, but flew in from his home in South Florida with Fowler. Arriving at the hotel, attended by many of his top BMW players for the week, Woods was hailed by his colleagues as the star of the room.

"I think it's impactful and shows how much he cares about the Tour," McIlroy said Wednesday.

“Like it or not, they can't really sell Tiger Woods anymore. They don't have Tiger - yes they have a lot of us and we are all great players but we are not Tiger Woods.We are in a different era …Tiger's role is to lead us to where we all think we should be.”

Rory McIlroy addressed a players-only meeting about LIV Golf with the media Wednesday at the BMW Championship.
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Many of the places are focused on finding ways to get top players in the game. Playing together in many of the same tournaments and figuring out ways to guarantee more money to players who have changed on the tour.

They have acquired the likes of Dustin Johnson and have huge guarantees for both league entry and 54-hole performance. -Cut Tournament.

Saudi Arabia's Sovereign Wealth, worth over $600 billion, backed by his funds, is an arms race in which no tool can compete. As such, Monahan & Co. must find other ways to appeal to players. 

Woods is adamantly opposed to LIV Golf and at last month's British Open, players who joined the rebel team "forgive them." I turned my back on things,” to take this position.

"If someone like [Woods] is passionate about it, I don't think it's offensive to all of us, but that's really all that matters," Thomas said. Told. "If he's not behind something, one is probably not a good idea in terms of improving the game, but two is it's not going to work. He has to be behind something.

The message was apparently heard by Monahan, at least by the player.

"The Tour can't just keep doing the same thing over and over and expect it to be the best," one player at the conference told The Post. It didn't come out of nowhere, they saw an opportunity, but the tools are probably trying more than they have in the past, so it's good to see that." 61}