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New York driver squeezes tightly in preparation for return of alternative side parking

Nothing is more frustrating than keeping a car on the streets of New York.

Alternative parking has been a tragedy for city driversfor most of the 1st centuryand is getting worse.

NYC chose to revive ASP two days a week on July 5, after suspending painful policies in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic. Drivers around the Big Apple enjoy cleaning the streets once a week for two years. This means less car movement in the morning. Today, hundreds of city dwellers have already signed an online petitionto overturn the new ruling.

The full resurgence of ASP is not like going back to the pre-COVID era. Currently, there are quite a few cars in town.

From August to October 2020, car registrations increased by 76% in Manhattan and 45% in Brooklyn,The New York Times

{ Reported 21} 5/18/20 - A New York City Traffic Agent placing a ticket on a vehicle for in violation of alternate side of the street parking on 1st avenue in Manhattan. Nypostinhouse Photo by Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post5/18/20 - A New York City Traffic Agent placing a ticket on a vehicle for in violation of alternate side of the street parking on 1st avenue in Manhattan. Nypostinhouse Photo by Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post. 23}
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Boerum Hill resident Ian Moubayed told The Post that he was feeling crunchy. rice field.

"Competition is fierce now, and everyone has been more active since people returned to the city last year," he said.

Like many New Yorkers, the filmmaker Movey waits for ASP time in the car, brings work and good books, and returns to where the street cleaners pass. ..

But in April, a blue Tesla driver tried to blow things away at another side spot not far from Smith and Whit.

After pulling out to leave it to the dust truck, Tesla "violated the unwritten rules of the road" by making a "nose dive" into the space Moubaid was waiting for, he said. ..

Alternate side parking is causing aggression among drivers in the city, locals say.

So the long-standing Brooklinite is his The 2009 Audi A6 is in a jamming position, stalling asphalt enemies. Only when the police behind Tesla sounded his siren and moved the car, Moubeid won his racing stripe and the spots along it. He proudly claimed victory in atweet

"Then he got out of the car and approached my window and began to curse me. He c I called --t ... I don't give s --t, just like "F- -k you, man." After going with him, I was smoking for 30 minutes, "Moubayed said.

"This was the most New York-centric parking incident I've ever attended," he added, adding that the two-day return was "terrible."

According to Ritchie Romero, who lives in West Village, there is a lot of anger on the road thanks to parking rules, even when the fist isn't flying. He owns Zazzy ’s Pizza, a Manhattan chain that must be driven frequently.

Richie Romero said the return of full alternate side parking ruined his summer.
Stephen Yang

My car is four times a week ... [News] Literally ruined my summer. I'm already spending such an unpleasant [amount] of time trying to park, "Romero called ASP a" middle-class tax. "

Pizzeria owners have a special system for creating rooms on crowded streets. "Get your friends out of the car and move your bike, level and scooter so they fit in the spot," he said.

This is one of the many tactics used by aggressive drivers, explained Elena Dimkaros, a resident of Astoria.

"People stand in space to protect them or put cones to prevent someone from parking," said Dimkaros, who has been parked on the streets of Queens for eight years. rice field. "It will be overwhelming."

Others aren't looking for a parking loophole and are "giving up" driving in New York. Among them is Vicky Poumpouridis, who lives in Astoria and lives down the road from Dimkaros.

Alternate side parking is wearing on the spirit of many New Yorkers. It fully returns on July 5.
Stephen Yang

"Let's go to Broadway [in Queens] And I spend 40 minutes trying to park and go home and somewhere within walking distance, "she said, adding that the outdoor dining area only exacerbated the problem.

Poumpouridis has a garage, but I'm not keen on ASP coming back. "NYC is becoming very kind and rewarding. People aren't taking breaks and after a while they get really tired," she said. On the other side of the

street, some residents support the twice-weekly resurrection.

Floral designer Sibel Mermelstein and nail studio owner Kira Philips say how much trash outside the storefront of an adjacent business on East 80 Street between Second and Third Avenues on the Upper East Side. I figured out if there was any left.

Some businesses want to see more street sweeping because of how much garbage is left on city sidewalks.

"The car doesn't move because of the street sweeper anyway, so it doesn't move. "I can't even get most of the trash ... my cigarette butt three weeks ago is still there," said Phillips, pointing to a row of cars that remained stationary for days at a time.

What they saw is what is happening throughout the city. An estimated 50% of city drivers will not move their cars because of ASP, health commissioner Jessica Tissueannounced last monththat when fully back, drivers will actually move their cars. I am saying.

"This policy has created a world where too many people see a one-time ASP ticket as the cost of doing business ... it's too long and largely excludes the most effective ones. Clean street tools in our arsenal: mechanical brooms. "

Store owners like Marmelstein say it's only a matter of time.

"I've been waiting for the store to finally open in February. Now I literally have to hose the sidewalk every day to get rid of the odor left by the trash," she said. Told. "We all want New York to come back, but New York must also have our back."