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Tim Tebow's Faithful Fight Against Human Trafficking: 'I Was Asked To Do This'

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Tim Tebow is not resting. 

For many years, Tebow has been actively involved in fighting human trafficking around the world. A devoted Christian, he firmly believes it is his 'mission' to help innocent victims of such horrific crimes.

Now, ahead of his 35th birthday on Sunday, August 14th, he will travel to Thailand for his 40 girls at once for the new Tim Tebow Foundation. (TTF) is committed to building conservation centers.

A place to keep rescued girls safe. what they desperately need. 

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After that they were rescued, he explained. they are in danger.

"This is a very important issue to me because I believe it is one of the greatest evils in the world today. 

Tim Tebow is adamant that the "human exploitation of children" all over the world must be stopped. He talked to Fox News Digital about his new efforts.

Child exploitation must stop worldwide. He spoke to Fox News Digital about his new endeavor. (Mission Driven Studios)

"So many girls, boys, women, and even some men are trapped in this terrible evil. I am," he said.

It wasn't just the idea of ​​human trafficking that was terrifying, he said. 

The "human exploitation of children" must stop.

Tim Tebow's critical humanitarian work is in crisis: "We must keep fighting."

58} Our team is called," he said, referring to his Tim Tebow Foundation team and its many partners. 

"Macro implications , we are called upon to help the most vulnerable people around the world.These are some of the most vulnerable.”

Each one is very worthy.They are so loved by God and should be loved by us more.”

It was very close and dear to us, and although we feel called in different ways in different times, both of us, it's something very passionate about us." He said, referring to Demi Lee Tebow, his wife of more than two years. 

"Our whole team — this is something we care about a lot." ,” said Tebow. 

"Our mission statement is to bringfaith, hope and love to those who need brighter days in their darkest hours."

Tim Tebow talked to Fox News Digital this week about his nearly decade-long commitment to eradicating human trafficking. "This is just something that's been a huge calling for me," he said. 

Tim Tebow told Fox News Digital this week that An almost decade-long effort to eradicate trafficking. "This was a big mission for me," he said.  (Mission Driven Studios)

"For many girls and boys in these situations, this is the darkest time they really need it. That's where we feel called upon — chaos, crisis — into these difficult places,” he said. Hope they have the best day ever.

He said: Please keep it going.

``In the last few days there have been many rescues in many countries, including here.''

``We are helping girls. “We were able to participate in the work and bring the girls back to life.

"But we want to have an impact not only domestically, but globally. We want to be able to counter this in many ways: education about it, remediation, rehabilitation." We are trying to fight in all these different areas and all places with many partners and great people that we are so grateful for

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added that "many rescues are going on in many countries, including here."

"And there are many stories of amazing survivors who survived such terrifying times."

Tebow added: on a mission to rescue humanity."

Said Tebow to Fox News Digital, "When people are in a hard time, that needs to burden us."

from Tebow To Fox News Digital, "When people are in hard times, it has to strain us." (Tim Tebow Foundation)

And, "When you say 'rescue mission' is what you put it on the timeline," he pointed out. This is for all boys and girls in difficult situations. For all boys and girls in desperate times.

``We don't want to wait and feel comfortable because they aren't feeling comfortable. We have to contact them urgently."

"People have been saved from human trafficking, but there are active threats to some."

He said: His wife herself has campaigned on the same issue and her birthday was in June. “She campaigned in the Philippines with other partners for some of our international safe homes.”

TIM TEBOW, 2022 's Night to Shine event reminds him of "God's good intentions." This birthday campaign is because even though people have been saved from human trafficking, there are active threats to some people, there are death threats and even prices are coming to mind.” he added. Each of these lives is of great value," he said. "They are so loved by God.

Tim Tebow told Fox News Digital this week about people who have "never had a life without danger." (Mission Driven Studios)

He also shared a powerful message: It is clear how easily we can live in peace. However, it is also true that many people do not. Some of them don't even last a day. They have never lived without danger. ''

he continued. I know the people who were supposed to appreciate you sold you. People who were supposed to love you abused you instead. People who should have cared for you have exploited you.

``Our job is to offer them as much protection, kindness, and affection as possible, and to teach them the truth.''

``It is If it were all the experiences of your life," he said, "how do you know what the word 'protection' really means. And how can we know the difference between good and evil?" 


Tebow continued. I haven't acted quickly enough...I haven't pushed hard enough." 

And he's come back to his faith, they're worth fighting for." 




"We 's job is to offer as much protection, kindness, affection, and show them the truth as possible.It's worth it."

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