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Tom Brady praises Anthony Edwards quarterback skills

Anthony Edwards showcases his impressive football skills while working out at Georgia Tech's practice area on Tuesday. did. 's now viral videohas caught the attention of both NFL fans and players, focusing on one of the greatest videos of all time. 

Edwards first demonstrated his powerful arm talent with a one-on-one drill, throwing a ball of about 40 yards and dropping it into a wide receiver pan basket. The root runner disappointed the disappointed Minnesota Timberwolves star and eventually failed to involve the grab. Edwards and his wide receiver were able to connect at a later throw, but a 20-year-old fired another 50 yards of backshoulder pass.

Following the throwing clinic, Edwards ran several routes of his own, pulling a deep ball that had to slow down to catch. The shooting guard seems happy with his overall performance and jokingly asks the camera, "What do you think? Did I get a profession with this s–t or what? Pay me? . "

Tom Brady believes, for example, that Timberwolves stars should be paid.

Anthony Edwards showcased his impressive football skills while working out at a Georgia Tech practice field on Tuesday.
Tom Brady, for one, believes the Timberwolves star should get paid.

"Oh, money is good, but I'm playing the wrong sport at @NFL," Brady tweeted. Edwards seemed to accept the quarterback proposal and replied, "Gronck is gone, what's wrong?"

Edwards is very unlikely to leave his $ 44.3 million rookie contract with the NBA, but Georgia products once again proved that he has a lot of talent. .. If football or basketball fails, he can always rely on his acting career. Edwards made his debut in the recently released Netflix movie "Hustle".