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"Africa" Toto and their band's 40-year ride

It's been 40 years since the song "Africa" ​​unexpectedly caused a worldwide sensation.

It will take a lot of time to pull me away from you
There is nothing more than 100 men can do
Bless the rain in Africa
Some I'm going to take

Toto, a band who lived an "African" life, didn't think they were a hit. They almost removed it from the album.

Turner Classic Movies host Ben Mankiewicz asked Steve Lukather, one of Toto's founding members, to: Run down Hollywood Boulevard naked. "

" I said so, "he smiled. "I really said that"

"Sunday Morning" is one of Toto's founding members, Lukather and David Paich, and long-time singer Joseph Williams (not very serious). I met a musician).

Williams said, "There were always a few lead singers in the group. Dave was always singing lead vocals."

Paich said, "We finally got a lead singer, or a high singer."

Lukather intervened, "What are you talking about? We were all tall people."

Toto's Steve Lukather, David Paich, Joseph Williams.CBS News

But critics didn't appreciate them. Lukather recalled, "They said that our music sounds like a mandarin orange leisure suit."

These guys are getting the last laugh. With packed shows, 40 million album sales, and decades of hits, Toto may be the coolest "uncool" band in history.

"You won't give up, man," Lukather said. "I didn't want to give up."

It started in Los Angeles, and high school colleagues Paich, Lukather, and the Jeff and Steve Porcaro brothers sent demos to record labels. 

They needed a name. 

One of them was watching The Wizard of Oz late one night, and Dorothy's dog became a temporary solution ... or so they thought I did. "When we signed the contract, it said'Toto'," Paech said. "I didn't have time to change the name anymore."

"The name didn't help, I don't think," Lukather added. "It's easy to choose a band called Toto."

Regardless of the name, the band was talented. One of the first songs they recorded, "Hold the Line," was ranked in the Top 5 in 1978.

Toto-Hold the Line (Official Video) by TotoVEVO on YouTube

Toto was on the map, but after the album, which was four years and three years old, there was increasing pressure from record companies. Lukather said, "They got it right away. For example," If you don't pull it out now, you're done. "

" You're a one-hit wonder. " It's like that. "

"We said,'Well, we just have to redo what we're doing and write and record a good song,'" Lukather said. ..

So they recorded nine songs for the album on "Toto IV" in 1982. They needed another one. The last one added is "Africa".

Click the player below to watch the official music video for "Africa":

Toto-Africa (Official HD Video) by TotoVEVO on YouTube

A few years later, “Africa”, which has been streamed over a billion times on Spotify, remains popular.

Williams said, "The song has lived so many different lives over the years, has been featured and played on television and in movies, and the new generation is always it.

Some people wonder how white musicians can capture the spirit of a continent they have never visited. Peach, however, calls this song completely ambitious. "I just wanted to see the world," he said. "It was like I wrote.'Hello. Hello.'"

Stopped the old man on the way
I wanted to find forgotten old words and ancient melodies. I thought
He turned to me
"Hurry up and wait for you"

In 1982, "Africa" ​​was the first single on the album. "Rosanna" – A title partly inspired by the then unknown actress Rosanna Arquette.

Toto-Rosanna (Official HD Video) by TotoVEVO on YouTube

While listening to the song, Arquette was dating "I'm really back in the 80's.

". She has been with Toto's keyboardist Steve Porcaro for quite some time, "she said. "The first time I heard it, David Paich asked me to sit on the piano bench and sit next to me. Then he started playing the song and he saw my reaction. I'm very He was shy. "Oh, awesome. Thank you."

Paich recalled: "I just met Rosanna Arquette at home while making this song and it didn't have a title. She was so adorable at the time that I just missed her name, and still so. And it stuck to me. "

" I needed a three-syllable name. "Mankiewicz asked.

"I did it, and it was perfect."

Toto released 14 studio albums, which only scratched the surface. As a session player, producer and writer, Toto members have worked with hundreds of artists, from Olivia Newton-John and Cheryl Lynn to Michael McDonald. They are everywhere in Michael Jackson's "thrillers." When you hear "Beat It," Eddie Van Halen has a solo, but all the other guitar parts are by Lukather, who played 1,500-2,000 albums on his account.

Toto has passed these sneaky reviews. What is important to them is their connection with their fans and with each other.

Steve Lukather, Joseph Williams and David Paich are on stage. CBS News

Williams said, "Believe it or not, if you can play with your friends, you'll be good at playing and singing. And you're looser, all at the same time. "

Peach said," I think it's a testament to the band's commitment, and the integrity of the music keeps everyone moving forward. " Told.

Lukather said, "I didn't expect it to be such a long ride, but it's still working."

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