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Tourist arrested after exposing herself on a motorcycle in viral video

A Danish tourist has allegedly been detained after exposing her genitalia on a motorbike in Bali.

In viral footage shared to social media, the woman can be seen sitting on a motorbike behind a foreign male laughing as she lifts her right leg to the side, exposing her genitals.

When the man – who is speaking to the camera – witnesses the woman’s indecent act he quickly pushes her leg back to cover her modesty.

The incident reportedly took place in the tourist hotspot of Seminyak, a beach resort area at the southern end of Bali.

Footage of the woman’s act has since gone viral after it was shared to Instagram by Indonesian designer Ni Luh Djelantik on Monday.

Ms Djelantik was outraged, telling her half a million followers that, “Bali does not need trashy tourists.

Foreigners are increasingly going too far with their actions. All the enforcement of the rules has not made them learn their lesson,” she continued in the caption.

footage of the Danish woman on the motorcycle.

In the post, Ms Djelantik also called for harsher sanctions for misbehaving tourists, while thanking the Ngurah Rai Immigration office for listening to her complaint and looking into the matter.

According to local reports, the Danish woman and her male German friend were detained in a hotel in Kuta, Badung – about 15 minutes from Seminyak.

“[They] are being held in custody at the Nguarh Rai Immigration Office after being apprehended and detained,” head of the Ngurah Raie Immigration Office said in a statement to online Indonesian publication

“We will therefore conduct more investigations.”

It comes as another female tourist was involved in unruly behavior when she stripped naked and stormed the stage during a sacred Balinese dance performance at a temple in Ubud.

The woman, identified by police as 28-year-old Darja Tuschinski, was arrested over the act.

The backpacker was filmed climbing the temple stairs and attempting to open a door, as a local man attempted to stop her.

After barging the door open, she was then filmed walking down and kneeling in front of the stage, where she appeared to pray.

Local council chief Wayan Widana told another local media outlet, Radar Bali, that Tuschinski was known to suffer mental health issues and had been “brought to the Bangli Mental Institution”.

In viral footage shared to social media, the woman can be seen sitting on a motorbike behind a foreign male laughing as she lifts her right leg to the side, exposing her gentials.

Indonesian officials have been extremely vocal this year about their frustration with unruly tourists, with Bali’s governor flagging a ban on tourists using motorbikes and hotel workers instructed to educate foreign guests on what they can and can’t do.

There is also an official campaign cracking down on unruly behavior with large billboards expected to be installed.

The way authorities are dealing with foreigners is changing and Australians have been warned they must be prepared.

This includes knowing the local laws and customs to avoid hefty fines or being kicked out of the country.

Ravindra Singh Shekhawat, who is the general manager for Bali operations at Melbourne-based tour company Intrepid Travel, moved to the island in February last year.

He told last month his observations were that only a “very small” percentage of tourists display unruly behaviour but recently it was increasing.

“Recently there has been an increase in tourists not following the local laws and respecting local culture and traditions, including instances of tourists getting into heated arguments with local police for not wearing helmets or breaking traffic laws,” he said.

“Police have responded to this unruly behaviour by increasing their routine checks on the ground, such as driver licence checks and drink and driving checks.”

A “tourist tax” of up to $150 is currently being considered by the Indonesian government to curb bad behaviour and stop Bali being seen as a cheap holiday destination.

Bali Tourism Board chairman Ida Bagus Agung Partha Adnyana previously said the tax would improve the quality of tourists.

“Income from the tourism tax would help fund a range of measures and prevent Bali from becoming known only as a cheap destination,” he said.

“Cheap destinations bring in cheap tourists who tend to cause a lot of problems.”

Indonesia strictly prohibits acts that violate public decency or morals and violators of such laws can face severe consequences.

In order to maintain public order and preserve cultural norms, the maximum penalty for contravening Article 281 of the Criminal Code is two years and eight months of imprisonment.