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Trackstar Dina Asher-Smith calls for more research on how duration affects performance

Dina Asher-Smith revealed that "girls" stuff caused her to cramp in the women's 100m, as she called for more research into how periods affect performance.
Dina Asher-Smith reveals 'girl' caused cramps in European 100m title I made it Study how duration affects performance. AP

Dina Asher-Smith explores how female physiology affects exercise performance after seizures in British sprinters. More funding has been requested for research into what affects her 100m title at the European Championships in Munich.

Asher-Smith finished last after suffering a calf cramp midway through Tuesday's race. The 26-year-old returned to action later in the week to qualify for his 200 m final on Friday.

"Yes, girls are a problem," Asher Smith told British media. "It's absolutely huge, so it's something more people need to study in terms of sports science.

Dina Asher-Smith said women don't talk about the subject of periods playing a major factor in women's performance.
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"Even women don't talk about it. You see consistent girls randomly getting depressed. Behind the scenes they're really struggling and they're like, 'What? This?" I'm thinking. it's random. I need more money.

"If this is a men's problem, I think there are countless ways to fight things. But when it comes to women, we need more funding in that area."

World No. 1 tennis player Iga Swirtek also addressed the issue at this year's French Open, saying advances in medicine and technology could provide solutions for female athletes.

Lydia Ko, the world's fourth-ranked women's golfer from New Zealand, was praised online for her championship in Palos Verdes earlier this year. She has openly spoken during the tournament about suffering from her back problems due to her period.