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Trump has a problem and he knows it

Trump has a problem and he knows it

Two big stories of the week are: It is more closely related than visible.

Donald Trump gives remarks during a Save America Rally at the Adams County Fairgrounds.

This time it seems different Because both subjects are qualitatively different. Trump's own words suggest that he knows it.

Hepublicly, the influence of a well-documented and catastrophic story in which a pro-Trumphouse Republicanmade a mistake in the commission's boycott and defended him. His efforts to overturn the 2020 election, complaining that no one left on the panel to dilute or dilute. He also fears that the overthrow ofRoewill bring negative political backlash to Republicans, apparently in the wayexpectsto be published. I let you know that.

The skepticism is guaranteed against the prediction that this or its controversy will spell Trump's fate. Seven years after he first announced that he ran for president and began to rule national discourse, there were countless such controversies and predictions.

However, there is a specific method for the January 6 revelation, andRoev. The abolition of Wadeis different from previous uproar and obsession scores. Both represent a clear turning point on the road to basic national policy issues. People are required to walk either way, clearly recognizing that walking either way has great and lasting consequences for the country, and even for himself as an individual. I am.

This was not the case for most controversies during the Trump era. It was often said that Trump and Trumpism put the country into a "new civil war", but usually as a metaphor, but more and more as a literal comparison.

In most cases, the comparison failed. As in modern times, the actual civil war was a time when hordes of Americans stared at each other with mutual understanding and contempt. But at that time, no one had any doubts about the problem at hand. One side believed that slavery was a positive good and should be expanded as the country grows with the new country. Another believed slavery was an evil system that should not be extended to new ones, but gradually put on the road to extinction. And, asLincoln said in his second inaugural address, a war broke out.

The same applies to other wonderful moments of national conflict. In the 1930s, the people who shook the FDR knew exactly why they were angry. He was permanently changing the way the federal government reached out to the private economy. So the protesters of the 1960s knew why they were on the streets: to end legal segregation and the Vietnam War.

A hallmark of the Trump era was that it created resentment and contempt, in most cases, without the specific problems of national policy that should be apparently resolved by the consequences of the conflict. Cross-border issues and the sight of children trapped in cages were one exception. But in much of President Trump's debate, the debate itself, and how it separates one tribe from the other, was the main point. Was Nancy Peroshi excited or stunned to remove a copy of Trump's Allied address? Due to Trump's brave efforts to link aid to Ukraine to his personal political objectives, or the fact that Hunter Byden traded in the name of his family and made a lot of money in Ukraine. Did you get more indignant? On and on and on.

The previous two issues in the country are definitely in different categories.

The Supreme Court's declaration that the constitutional right to abortion no longer exists puts this issue honestly in the political realm and may continue for years to come. About one-fifth of US pregnancyends with an abortionThe country is currently in the midst of a debate involving fundamental issues of rights and values ​​in the intimate realm of everyday life. Moreover, the facts of this national debate are understood on all sides to be a central part of Trump's heritage. It wouldn't have happened if the three judges he appointed hadn't contributed to the 5-4 decision.

Trump's anger in the wake of the 2020 election led to violence in the Capitol on January 6th, which does not intersect with everyday life as it does in the abortion issue. But they also offer a vibrant choice of countries of the kind that cannot be easily dismissed by obscuring the question or claiming that it is all just politics as usual. .. Every school child knows that deviations from a peaceful transfer of power are unusual. Few Trump supporters are eager to support the argument that it is okay for the president to continue to insist on fraud when his Justice appointed person tells him he has seen nothing. The root of Trump's charm was that all his diverse anger was part of "owning the library" and driving his enemies to distract. Whitehouse aide Cassidy Hutchinson testified this week that a furious Trump threw a dish at the wall. She cleaned the Ketchup on the wall. Trump cannot easily erase the image of helpless anger. This is the opposite of the intense confidence that was the essence of his appeal to his supporters.

One way to measure Trump's plight is to look at it through the eyes of someone who supports his ostensible agenda. If you are a sincere opponent of the right to abort, you may be grateful that Trump did to change the Supreme Court. But Trump, who once claimed "I'm very selective"and is now worried about the impact of the court ruling, has been bragging about his mess for years. But do you think he is the right person to carry? Fight for the next long-term phase. Let's say you're really concerned that efforts to facilitate voting by email can compromise the integrity of your election. Trump is truly your ideal spokesman, with his reckless claims and obvious self-absorption.

Two breathtaking developments (one at the Supreme Court and one across from the House Select Commission) have taken American politics into a whole new territory. Due to experience and temperament, this is not an area where Trump is well equipped for prosperity.