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Trump's 2024 Republican rivals rally behind him after FBI investigation

Criticism of the FBI and the Biden administration's handling of the situation was not unanimous: Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told Sirius XM's Julie Mason in an interview that if the "factual basis" that led to the FBI search is checked out, searches of the Trump safe and other areas of Mar-a-Lago will be It was "fair game," and Senator Tim Scott (Republican, South Carolina) told CBS This Morning that Americans should "unfold" the situation. , said we'll have to wait and see what happens, but he also said it would rise.Questions about the political motivation for the FBI's actions.

But most of the Republican presidential candidates' reactions have been to defend Trump. That includes former Vice President Mike Pence, who broke with Trump on several points this year in the aftermath of the Jan. pressured Pence not to prove the 2020 election results.

Pence tweeted that the investigation "undermined public confidence" in the justice system and asked Attorney General Garland to explain why the investigation was conducted.

"During our administration, years after FBI agents were found to be acting politically motivated, we must deal with the emergence of continued partisan activity by the Department of Justice.

Republican activists and consultants also lined up behind Trump as news of the FBI raid continued to spread. Some said the support for Trump they heard from conservative voters was almost unanimous and could vacate the former president's candidacy.

"I got a call last night from people who were sick of Trump, not that they wanted to stay away from him, they said they were sick of the drama. Well, it's over," Trump's Arizona Shiree Verdone, co-chair of both campaigns, said. "Just talking to people right now, they're mad and ready to stand by Trump. They weren't full Trumpers, but it happened." Even some people who are very upset about it [FBI search].This really seems to be trying to elevate Trump.”

Republican operative James Blair said the FBI He said the move would revitalize the former president's base and increase supporters who see the search as a government overreach. I would see the move as a positive escalation," he said. "Trump's voters will rally and he will win new voters because the sensible people in the middle think this is a bridge too far."

Others Several prominent Republicanscompared the situation to how leaders inother countries dealt with political opposition. Senator Marco Rubio (Republican-Florida) released a series oftweets and a video calling the move what would happen in a "third-world Marxist dictatorship." compared. Rubio's comments particularly resonated with many Hispanic voters in Florida fleeing communist regimes in Cuba and Venezuela.

"The United States has never been a country where those who came to power, such as being president, used that power to persecute past or future political opponents," Rubio said at night. said in a video shot outside. "We haven't seen it — until tonight."

Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) tweeted his own thread in his thread. called for the impeachment of Garland.

But Scott responded more cautiously when he was asked about the situation on CBS on Tuesday morning.

"To say that it was justified, at least for my side of the aisle, has to be an incredibly big deal," said Scott. If it does, it's going to be a huge mess because it has to do with the FBI's credibility.The most important thing we can do instead of making hasty decisions is to act on it." 49}

In an interview, Christie referred to his seven-year stint as New Jersey's federal attorney and said he had to make "similar decisions" to Monday's Marlago search. The search warrant is intended to determine whether the former president mishandled White House records,according to two of his people familiar with the matter.

54} Christie explained when he issued a similar warrant. This is sufficient evidence to prosecute the person under investigation. He said the search would be "unwarranted" if nothing was found.

In a lengthy statement on Monday, Trump likened the raid to Watergate and said the FBI "also broke into my safe." Christie said such behavior during the execution of search warrants is not uncommon.

"It's a fair game," said the former governor. “Intrusions into secure areas are not prohibited and are frequently done by federal law enforcement. We need factual evidence to convince us that there is.”

In the near future, it will be important for search warrant affidavits containing the reasons behind FBI investigations to become public. Yes, Christie said.

"Hopefully more information will come out sooner or later. And that's not good for anyone," he said. and if you are about to take this action, you cannot treat it the same as any other case in terms of disclosure."