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Trump weighs the launch in early 2024 as the January 6 committee approaches his future.

(CNN)Former PresidentDonald Trumpneeds to announce the presidential election accurately I'm worried. 2024-January 6, 2021An even more pressing decision as he seeks to regain control of his image following a series of harmful exposures by the House Election Commission investigating his role

Last week, Trump took advantage of the increasingly gloomy votes ofPresident Joe Bidenand placed his potential Republican party as early as this month. He told his colleagues that he was eager to launch another presidential campaign. Rivals in response to notifications.
However, his desire to facilitate the announcement of the campaign washis first term this week, according to sources familiar with the matter,former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson. We aired a congressional hearing aboutTrump's actionsin the last few months of.

Some Trump allies personally admit that the House Committee hearing proved to be more damaging than expected. Raises a new question about his potential legal danger. The

hearing also spent most of the 90-minute speech complaining to evangelical conservatives last month and clearly weighed on Trump, who made more than 12 posts on his TruthSocial website this week. rice field. By undermining Hutchinson's credibility.

Recently, some of Trump's advisors have reached out to his closest allies to let them know that the former president is seriously considering an earlier-than-expected announcement.One Republican source familiar with these conversations was reportedly considering Trump's announcement in the first week of July, but on his orbit. Others have warned that the infrastructure for the announcement of major campaigns is currently inadequate, saying, "I don't want this, as someone near Trump explained it.

According to another source, it is unlikely that Trump will make an announcement without warning the press and ensure maximum coverage.

At some point, Trump's Members of the staff were discussing the possibility of an event in early July in Michigan. Due to the announcement of his campaign, but the event was abandoned before a serious plan.

Speaking openly about close discussions Anonymous sources likened the environment surrounding Trump's 2024 decision to the first presidential election in 2016.

"Every day is different. He was told he would announce soon, and that changed in the afternoon," said a knowledgeable source.

A person near Trump, who previously said he would wait until after Labor Day and throw his hat in the 2024 Republican primary, said the September announcement is now "floating in the air." They changed their tone by saying, "And if Trump announces early," it will be in July. "

"He's been hearing more enthusiastically lately," added another person near Trump.

Trump insists on announcing before the November midterm elections this summer before decamping in Mar-a-Lago for a club in Bedminster, NJ. was doing. He then changed course just a few weeks later, telling his allies that he didn't want to interfere in the interim, and thought he could gain momentum by waiting for the post-election announcement. conduct.

Three sources described Trump as anxious and responsive every time there was a conversation about future executions.

According to one source, he is rocking between concerns about the investigation he is facing and wanting a "fight against fire." Broadcast time he believes he needs to be his best defender. The former president has conducted dozens of interviews since his resignation, most of which were interviews with unpublished book authors and right-wing media authors with limited reach.

The lack of Republicans allied with Trump in the house panelinvestigating January 6turns attention to himself, probably with the start of the presidential election. It only exacerbated his desire to. Without a committee representative, Trump's allies would not have been able to cross-examine the Witnesses in real time or respond preemptively to the Witnesses' testimony.
The dilemma came to light this week when Hutchinson, a 26-year-old former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, released theBlow by Blow testimony. .. Warning Trump and his Chief of Staff received the warning by January 6 and his response (or lack thereof) that day. The hearing was announced only 24 hours ago, but Hutchinson's raw witness identity was leaked in the 11th hour.

"He knows that if he announces that he will run for president, it will be a central stage again," one source told CNN.

But others, Trump's main motive for proclaiming his candidacy at this early stage is that other potential Republican presidential applicants are joking about running. I say it's for the sake of it. Top Republicans such as Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Rick Scott of Florida, former United States Ambassador Nikki Haley, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and former Vice President Mike Pence have recently voted. We make pit stops and lay the foundation for them. Unique potential campaign.

One source said Trump "wants to clear the field and dare other people to confront him."

Perhaps as Trump became obsessed with the emergence of the Florida Republican Party as a cultural conservative heroGovernor Ron DeSantiscould be as emotional as this moment. There will be no rivals. -According to some of Trump's own aides-A more palatable version of the former president himself.

Through Save America's Leadership PAC, the former president recently exploded an example allegedly demonstrating his strong position in the potential 2024 GOP space.

Trump's next appearance on the Campaign Trail is scheduled for July 9, hosting the hopeful Kelly Zibaka rally of the Alaskan Senate Republican Party. Sources close to the former president do not expect it to be a means of launching the campaign, but exclude a momentary post on his Truth Social site that could move the Republican primary in 2024. Is not ...