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Tucker Carlson: Despite Biden's Unpopularity, Democrats Still Have a Chance to Open Congress in November

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On the other side of all the bad things going on is Joe Biden's approval rating,which is a constant source of joy for us. And if you've seen them lately, you know in your heart exactly what the November election will be like. Biden was clearly a disaster for the country, but not only did he make the U.S. poorer, weaker, and dumber, people knew he did it, and they told pollsters about it all the time. I'm here. Biden is the least popular president in modern American history. 

Absolutely no one is impressed with Joe Biden at this point. Dr. Jill is one of them. So this is obviously a big deal for the Biden family, but it's even bigger for the Democratic Party,led by Joe Biden. An unpopular president drags a party to the bottom of the midterm elections. That is the immutable rule of politics. In 1994, after two disastrous years for Bill Clinton, Republicans famously took over Congress. I saw it in 2006 after Hurricane Katrina. We saw it in 2010 after Obamacare. You saw it in his 2018. 

So, based on precedent, there is little doubt that November 2022 is about to happen again. That's what everyone assumes, and it's quite possible that it actually is. We certainly hope so, but as of tonight, we have to be honest. The numbers don't show that's happening. far cry. In fact, all the signs we have now suggest that, despite Joe Biden's unpopularity, the Democrats are likely to open Congress in November, even as of tonight.  

Prediction markets, believed by many to be more accurate than polls, overwhelmingly indicate that Democrats retain at least one House, and perhaps the most Weirdly, as of this week, Democrats trailed Republicans nationwide by about four points in the so-called popular vote. So if you ask people, "Which party do you like?" They say they are Democrats. And maybe that's why the Democrats are raising more money, not just from Big Tech patrons, but also from small donors of-dollars. Not good.  

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President Biden speaks about inflation and supply chain issues in Los Angeles. 

President Biden , talks about inflation and supply chain issues in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

June Democrat raised her $64 million online from his 4 million . In the same month, her June this year, Republicans were only able to raise her $26 million online from her over one million donors. From the first quarter to the second quarter of this year, her giving to the Republican Party was down more than 12%. In contrast, giving to Democrats has increased by more than 20%. Not just because you need money to run a political campaign, but because money is to some extent a measure of commitment and intensity, and the same dynamics play out in individual races across the country, it's not good at all.  

Last quarter, Rafael Warnock, for example, was a completely mediocre Democratic Senator from Georgia who was caught on video appearing to engage in spousal abuse ( remember). Online he's over $12 million. His opponent, everyone's favorite, his Herschel Walker, raised less than half that. To date, Raphael Warnock has amassed a staggering amount of money. He made more dollars online than seven Republican Senate candidates combined: the candidates from North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin and Georgia combined.  

Herschel Walker now trails Raphael Warnock by 10 points, which is about 3 minutes behind him and by 1 he said he favored Joe Biden. It's happening as you say. It's strange. what is going on here 

It's not just happening in Georgia. Remember that Joe Biden outperformed Pennsylvania in 2020 by just over 1 percentage point, according to official numbers. So, two years have passed. Since then, Biden has become less popular. Meanwhile, Democrat-controlled Pennsylvania is even worse, more chaotic and dangerous. This is the scene in the state's largest city on Tuesday.  

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Reporter: Nearly 100 shots were fired on 57th Street between Haverford and Westminster tonight. This West Philadelphia street was lined with markers in a sea of ​​evidence telling of the potentially deadly chaos that unfolded here. Responding officers found his four victims on 57th Street. Two bullets to his head tonight in critical condition. One of his victims was reportedly shot in the shoulder after an innocent bystander was shot in a BMW. All the while there were children and young adults at the nearby playground.  

Over 100 shots in the middle of the street. Hard to believe it's an American city. Hard to believe that's where our constitution was written. It was completely unacceptable and not organic. It didn't just happen. This is the result of the policies of the Liberal Democratic Party. period. Now, this is a democracy, and I think voters will punish anyone who had anything to do with turning Philadelphia into the disaster you saw. John Fetterman was certainly involved in it. He is the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. Fetterman now wants a new job. He is running for US Senate. he is a candidate In some ways, John Fetterman is the weakest candidate you can run for office. He clearly has a very public record of failures. He also had a devastating stroke this spring. Sadly, it affected him. Here he is campaigning for Senator:

JOHN FETTERMAN: You can count on us to eliminate the filibuster. If you come out and step in with us, we can stand with you in DC and let's get some things done for America. I let go of the lieutenant governor, the governor of Pennsylvania, the only lieutenant governor in history.  

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So what this guy is saying is that everything you think can go wrong. For one thing, he's radical. "Let's get rid of the filibuster." Oh, good idea, John Fetterman. He's still involved in the destruction of the state, Lieutenant Governor, and is clearly handicapped. It's not an attack on him. That's true. look at him So you would think there would be no way for such a person to win Senate seats,. Sad news, but John Fetterman wins by a landslide. He is currently serving as Republican opponent Mehmet Oz, Dr. He has a double-digit lead over Oz. The National Republican Senate Committee cut his spending in Pennsylvania by more than $5 million, including an ad purchase in the city of Philadelphia. It's a setback, and it's happening in a state where the Republican Party must win.  

What is going on here and why no one mentions it. Well, a few things are in the works, but first let's hear from Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell is the Republican leader of the Senate. He's not there because everyone likes him. McConnell has no close friends. He is not loved by anyone, but he is considered very smart. As Politico and Washington Post politics-covering dummies always tell us, he's a great tactician. In Washington, people are very afraid of Mitch McConnell. If you go against him, he will hurt you. They listen carefully to his political analysis. That's the only thing he spent his life on. So this is what Mitch McConnell says is the problem. clock.  

MITCH MCCONNELL: The House is more likely to be overthrown than the Senate. Senators are a completely different race. They are statewide. Candidate quality has a lot to do with results. 

Senate Republican leader admits for three months that Republicans probably have no intention of retaking the Senate. why. The answer, of course, is in the last line you just heard. Some candidates are mediocre. It's a Mitch McConnell excuse, and there's some truth to it. Obviously, some of them are mediocre, but compared to what. Mediocre in parliament. Well, let's see. Diane Feinstein hasn't spoken coherently in years and has never struggled for his re-election. Eric Swalwell had sex with a Chinese spy. he's still there So mediocre people are elected to office and so many run the whole cycle. So, of course, what McConnell's analysis really does is backpassing. don't blame me I didn't choose these people. Ok, but they're still candidates. 

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Mitch McConnell asked Sen. John Cornyn to talk with Democrats about gun legislation, saying he was "hopeful" something would come out of it. AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Mitch McConnell, who asked to speak to Sen. John Cornyn, said Democrats "expect" something to come out of gun control legislation. AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

So if you want to save the country and go a different direction, use mediocre people to please give me. what are you going to do to do that? No hint of what to do for Mitch McConnell other than to accept the inevitable. Now, the truth is, it's entirely possible that Mitch McConnell doesn't want to retake the Senate. It's much easier to complain to Fox News, but what if you actually want to win? Well, this is an idea that came out of nowhere. Just spit here. Why not run an issue that voters care about? It might even work for mediocre candidates. 

Say it again. For your argument that you campaigned on illegal immigration and crime,well these are his two issues. It didn't come out of nowhere. They were the product and deliberate result of policies introduced by the Democrats. Millions of people are entering the country illegally and there are far more murders than there were two years ago. These two issues of immigration and crime don't just bother voters. These two problems threaten the survival of our society. So maybe you should run them. It makes sense, but that's not what they do. Ohno. For example, this is a recent campaign ad for Dr. Oz. He's a man losing to a stroke victim in Pennsylvania. clock.  

DR. OZ: I thought I'd do some grocery shopping. I'm in Wegner's and his wife wants vegetables for her ham. So, broccoli. It's $2 and he's not a ton of broccoli. There is also asparagus. That's $4. Yeah, carrots, that's $4 more. It's $10 veggies and then you need guacamole. That's $4 more and she loves salsa. Yes, there's salsa in there. $6. Salsa must be missing. Guys, it's $20 for crudités and that doesn't include tequila. I mean, it's outrageous. Now have Joe Biden thank you for this. 

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Crudite is $20, whatever it is. It's obviously all too easy to make fun of that, but if inflation is a prominent issue here and a generational issue this campaign season, then it's not completely ridiculous advertising, but it isn't. Inflation sucks. It makes people poorer. We really managed to ruin our USD. These are all very big problems, but changing the population of the United States, killing people on the streets, letting drug addicts live on the sidewalks, and breaking pipes change everything forever. These are violations of the most basic rules of any civilization, and the most basic is to reward those who do right and punish those who do wrong. If you start doing the opposite, everything falls apart and everyone knows it.  

Then why don't you say it? why don't you say that don't be shy. say it For example, if you live in Texas, which is probably a conservative state, you don't even have police protection. This is the speed of change at the most basic level. This is not a government agency report showing inflation rates. that is your life. No more police protection. If there is one reason he is running for public office, it is to solve such problems. Fox reporter Madison Alworth explains it.  

MADISON ALWORTH: In Dallas, he cannot fill the nearly 600 empty seats he budgeted. Atlanta has over 400 vacancies that cannot be filled, even with signing bonuses of up to $4,000.  

Sen. As Arizona is plagued by crisis, Kelly has been demonized across the country, coast to coast, in communities across the country looking to carve out a bipartisan path toward resolving the border issue. If that uniformed police officer isn't in your corner, the results are showing. The staffing crisis is creating crime. generating violence.  

ALWORTH: Crime Across America And it's all the way up. In Chicago and Los Angeles, robberies are up nearly 20% for him, and in New York City he's up nearly 40%.  

Okay, Crudite he is $20. Ok, but that's more important than everything else that's going on right now. Law and order. You see it on the streets of our cities. You can see it on our southern border. It's collapsing. So if you're a Republican voter, not just a Republican voter, but any other voter, maybe what the government is trying to do about the fact that I call 911 and no one shows up? You'll want to know if there are any. What are you going to do about the fact that our borders are open to the world and millions of people are entering our country illegally? How can you take a country seriously when it doesn't even have borders. Fox's Bill Mulligan caught it all again on camera. 

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Bill Melzin:  Take a look at this video taken yesterday where we are standing. This is the first time I've seen this. The Texas National Guard has closed and locked the gates at this property. It is a major intersection and they blocked illegal immigrants from entering this property. It's private property. The owners allow the National Guard and Border Patrol to work here, but you can see illegal immigrants starting to show up. Couldn't get in. I thought I could get in, but I was surprised that I didn't. Watch this video. A border guard appeared. A supervisor came with the key and opened the gate to let all the illegal immigrants in. It epitomizes how Texas handles things and how the federal government handles things.  

So if all Republican candidates repeat, repeat after me. “Law enforcement, law and order is not racist. Law and order is a prerequisite for civilization. and any regular Democrat would agree with that. of what we have. Ann Coulter rightly pointed out when we saw the video we just played that it was easier to enter the country as an illegal alien than to return to JFK as an American citizen. By the way, the people you saw are just people who want to get caught. They are turning into buses to your town. There are a lot of people who don't want to get arrested, who bring in fentanyl and kill thousands of Americans every month. 

Reporter: It's been a busy few weeks for US Customs and Border Protection officials in Nogales. 2.5 pounds of black tar his heroin, 9 pounds of heroin, 89 pounds of meth, and 320,000 fentanyl pills were found at Saturday's checkpoint. Later in the day there was another huge bust containing over 40 pounds of drugs and his 150,000 fentanyl pills hidden in a car. Border officials say people are getting more creative in the way they smuggle items.-In one case he tried to hide 10,000 fentanyl pills using orthopedic clothing.  


Who Even know what's going on. This is not hidden information. These are not Gnostic Gospels. Every American citizen knows exactly what is going on, but Republican Party leader Mitch McConnell has watched such footage and, nay, told us the most important issues facing us. They say there is nothing the Republican Party can do to avert historic humiliation in themidterm elections,as with Ukraine's territorial integrity, but the truth is, you As we all know, the people who run the Republican Party really don't want to do anything. about it. 

We have a candidate talking about this. Vance from Ohio, Blake Masters from Arizona and Joe Kent from the Pacific Northwest.Republican leaders in Washington want them and people like them to lose rather than shift the party's focus to issues that voters actually care about. But if we don't listen to voters, we won't win elections. They are telling you what they want. The Republican takes him less than three months to unravel this very simple mystery.  

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