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Kamala Harris's Tucker Carlson: It's time to reassess our view

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The wise man once said that the true measure of personality is not whether you made a mistake, but whether we all do, but learn from that mistake. With these words in mind, I'd like to start with the admission fee tonight. It's a night of regret for Fox News. It's time to reassess the view of Kamala Harris  

. Now, looking at the show, a fairly customary understanding of the country's first black / Indian / some Canadian vice president for over a year. Now, I assumed that Kamala Harris was historically unpopular because it was historically incompetent and fake. I assume she got a low number of approvals. We are not the only ones in it. Many other people have come to the exact same conclusion.  d

Currently, among software engineers, is Harris a biological origin or a classified government A. I. There is a debate about whether it is a product of. The project didn't work. I don't know the answer, but I do understand the question. She is that synthetic. Again, until the other day, I thought people hated Kamala Harris because they hate Kamala Harris so much. Remember that she even kisses her with her mask on, even her own husband. To us, it looked like a pretty clear sign. But we're here tonight to tell you that even overwhelming evidence and observable reality-based assumptions can change.  

Occasionally, when this happens, your entire worldview can instantly turn upside down and flip in a moment of light – listen to Tarsus's sole. .. The road to the Damascus experience came and I saw this clip of Joy Reid from MSNBC broadcasting a drivetime radio show. Looking at it, I realized that the problem was not Kamala Harris. The problem is us. So take a look at this. Open your mind a little and see if you can reach the same life-changing conclusions we have made. This is Joy Reed.  

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 Vice President Kamala Harris walks out to greet Jordans King Abdullah II, to welcome him to a working breakfast at the Vice President's residence at the Naval Observatory on Tuesday, July 20, 2021. 

 Vice President Kamala Harris came out to greet King Abdullah II of Jordan and welcome him to work at the Naval Observatory's Vice President's residence on Tuesday, July 20, 2021. ..  (via Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times Getty Images)

JOY REID, MSNBC:For Kamala Harris I think she had three problems: being a woman. So people are willing to respect her as they do to the male vice president. She already knows that being black means that it is anti-black. The president at a really, really difficult time.  

TIFFANY CROSS, MSNBC:With joy I always talk about this, Vice President Madam. She is "black, black". all right. She went to Howard, and when she talks to you, that means she sounds like me. She's very regular and friendly, and I'm just sorry that more people don't do it, and I'm just stunned by American voters as well. You know, people don't understand citizens. They don't understand politics. They don't understand how things work. 

Did you hear that? Did you internalize it? Did you bring it deep? Let's marinated a little. People who dislike Kamala Harris are sexist. Because she, like Admiral Rachel Levine, recognizes her as a woman. Kamala Harris is also a racist because she is the daughter of a Jamaican university professor. Uh. By the way, they are also stupid by definition. They know nothing about civilian or American politics. This is American dumbing down. Unlike Kamala Harris, they don't "understand how things work". 

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So Kamala Harris is a bad guy, so it's not unpopular. She isn't popular because you're a bad guy. You are the problem. Your racism is hurting her political career in Kamala Harris. Damn bigot. 

And we notice (this is a mind-boggling). As Joy Reed was talking about us, we collapsed, wept a bitter self-awareness, and the educational journey began. I wanted to know more. There, I found an interview with Joy Reid's recent black supremacist website, Root. The website is now permanently located on the Favorites tab.  

Reed was a well-educated African immigrant child who grew up in the White district of Denver and went to Harvard. Not surprisingly, she intuitively understands the historic black experience in America. She did it when she went from Denver to Harvard. You just feel it, it's part of you that's part of Kamala Harris after growing up in Montreal. As Joy Reed said, "Kamara is just an ordinary sister. Similarly, people are alwaysMichelle Obama is like your sister.My cousin has become the first lady. Kamala Harris is like your cousin becoming the Vice President of the United States. She couldn't fully show her character and people I don't think he had a chance to know her. "Are you following this?

So Kamala Harris is like your sister, just as Michelle Obama is your cousin and would be like your sister if you were married to the President. .. Why didn't we recognize it before? As Joy Reed pointed out, "most of the media is still white and male." Of course, those pitiful white men are always hiding their sister-cousin relationships. That's what they do, but for us the veil was lifted. For the first time we could see that our racism had blinded us for a long time, and the truth was hurt. It was so painful that I had to wear sunglasses for days indoors. But at that point, it was worth it, as the journey of regret and self-discovery, which had been postponed for a long time to be honest, began.  

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Like Adam Kinzinger, we finally faced the truth about ourselves and what we saw. I was impressed by crying. How can you be such a racist? That is the question we are asking ourselves tonight in the fading light of compliance in June of this year. So it was us old. Shed like a snake skin. It's time to change. It's time to make it better. Tonight, it's time to rethink what we thought we knew about Kamala Harris.  

Let's take a look at some of the sound bites that have been ridiculed at this show over the last year and a half. Admitting mistakes, just to tell the world, "Yes, we are not perfect. We sometimes make mistakes. But no longer. We have fresh eyes, and they. In the eyes of, we're going to rate this footage in the brand a new way. "So here Harris's tape repeats the exact same line about" telling the truth. " I used to make fun of this, but now it's not.  

Kamala Harris:One of the most important values ​​we have to fight is to tell the truth. 

KAMALA HARRIS:And we tell the truth about injustice. We tell the truth about inequality. We tell the truth about injustice.  

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KAMALA HARRIS:And let's tell the truth. Let's tell the truth. Now let's tell some truths.  

KAMALA HARRIS:And no matter how unpleasant it is to hear, you have to tell the truth.  

Kamala Harris:We need to tell the truth.  

Kamala Harris:You have to tell the truth. One has to tell the truth.  

KAMALA HARRIS:And we tell the truth.  

Kamala Harris:And we must have the courage to tell the truth. 

Kamala Harris:Someone who has the courage to tell the truth.  

Kamala Harris:I admire the courage to tell the truth.  

Kamala Harris:And let's talk about the greatest truth, the greatest truth of all. 

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Vice President Kamala Harris waves as she departs after speaking at the Tribal Nations Summit in the South Court Auditorium on the White House campus, Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021, in Washington. 

Vice President Kamala Harris waving at departure Tuesday, November 16, 2021, after speaking at the Tribal National Summit at the South Court Auditorium on the White House campus in Washington.  (AP Photo / Patrick Semansky)

So probably politicians who have been in the habit of using the word truth for decades By definition, I'm really lying. That is why they often tell the truth. "I'm not fooling, I promise." But what really surprised us, old, is Kamala or Kamala, you know, how you pronounce your name. Was the fact that it didn't matter. it doesn't matter.  

That is the only thing we have achieved. She doesn't know how. We don't do that either. We admit it, but what surprised us was that she repeated the same line over and over again, and our old reaction was ridicule. We used the phrase "not exactly Socrates," but the reaction we are seeing now comes from a privileged place. Evaluate prior probabilities, dismantle unconscious prejudices, and ask yourself. Can Moron repeat the same canned phrase dozens of times with this kind of precision without changing a single look? Ohno. Try it at home. You can't do that. You are too self-aware. That is impossible for you.

But Kamala Harris is not. She has what she needs to repeat verbatim for days at a time and behaves as if it were her first time each time. Oh, we are honest and in awe. Here she was talking to us about its importance in May, and we quote "working together". 

KAMALA HARRIS:We will work together, tackle these issues, tackle these challenges, and continue to work together. We operate on the basis of new norms, rules and agreements that we convene to work together.  

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Again, we laughed at the clip. We did it multiple times. It feels good to admit it. At that time, we thought Kamala Harris got lost in the middle of her sentence. She couldn't find her way. She said, "Working together, working together. How do you get out of the sentence? Together." But now we can see what was really happening here. Kamala Harris fully understands the importance of working together. She fully understands the importance of working together, not just working. It's great, and science proves it great.  

Ten years ago, researchers at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, discovered and quoted "Proof that can drive the evolution of intelligence and larger brain size." Masu (what do you know?) And we quote "Cooperation and Teamwork". In other words, work together. So when Kamala Harris says we need to work together over and over again, she doesn't just repeat the annoying canned sound bite given by the handler. No, she literally – literally– is advancing the evolution of humanity.  

She is improving the seeds at the cellular level. How long will it take to fly? If Kamala Harris keeps it, it won't be long. She always does this. She makes us better and does her homework like her. As Joy Reed told us, it's American dumbing down. The dummy here can't see it, but Kamala Harris can see it because she worked. Here she was talking to her children at the National African-American History Museum on Monday. 

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KAMALA HARRIS:Today is a day to celebrate the principle of freedom, and we know that black Americans were not free because of 400 years of slavery. Think in terms of the historical context in which you are.  

Okay. Again, there are several ways to evaluate that claim. We're dealing with old us before we were reborn, and now we're dealing with clichés, so we're going to compare ourselves to Phoenix, before we get up from the new ashes, we're old Wait a minute, Kamala Harris, an African-American, hasn't actually been enslaved in this country for 400 years. That's not true. "But we would have missed that point. 

So what happened here was that Kamala Harris had "how much slavery was in America" ​​on Google before her talk. And she learned that 400 years had passed since the beginning of slavery in the United States, which is true, but forgot to deduct the years from the Emancipation Proclamation. Actually less than 400, about 150 years is less than 400, which is about 250, but it doesn't matter. The important thing is that it's not her fault. It's Google's fault that she didn't subtract for her. Talk about not being able to fulfill your Internet promises. Who runs Google? Hmmm. Joylead Anyone. Caucasian man.  

Kamala Harris' office posted a video of Vice President's Thinking Basketball Shot, leaving the first five mistakes. 

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris attends a joint news conference with Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in Singapore Monday, Aug. 23, 2021.

Vice President Kamala Harris of the United States attends a joint news conference Meeting with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in Singapore on Monday, August 23, 2021.(Pool photo via Evelyn Hockstein / AP)

So there are a lot of things. White hegemony in Palo Alto, California, as Google has already acknowledged. I'm not convinced yet. Well, you're just a bad guy, and you're jealous. I know you are jealous above all else. Not only brilliance, but also tenacity. You are jealous of "Kamara" and "Kamara". doesn't matter. You are jealous of her joy.  

JOY REID:What did you think of the hearing?  

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KAMALA HARRIS:I tell you, joy, I experienced great joy when I saw this brilliant and astounding black female legal scholar so smart. It is exhibited all over the country and I can't wait. It's just in line with her joy I experience when I see her vow to be the next judge in the United States Supreme Court.  

Not only is it amazing, it's amazing. 

So ask yourself and, to be honest, get rid of the thesaurus. How many synonyms can you come up with in a row on the spot? On the top of my head. Not only great, it's amazing. Can you do it. Oh no, I couldn't. By the way, you don't have her joy. Maybe that's why you don't like her. I do not understand. We can only talk to you about our journey.  

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