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Members of Tulsa's school board emphasize academic excellence after facing criticisms of social media memes.

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A Tulsa, Oklahoma, Board of Education memberwas accused of social media posts that critics believed to be homosexual and inappropriate, but she The Board of Education was academic excellence, stating the focus of the meme and the candidacy for the school.

E'Lena Ashley, elected to the school board in April, posted on her social media that "third grade children" are learning in China, India and the United States. Was criticized for comparing. The meme depicts children in China and India learning complex math and science, while third-year students in the United States are learning about gender.

"How can I compete?" Ashley wrote in her post. 

Facebook post from Tulsa school board member E'Lena Ashley

Facebook from Tulsa Board of Education member E'Lena Ashley Post

Ashley told FoxNews Digital that this meme is meant to explain theimportance of "academic excellence". 

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"Necessary American Academic Excellence, and as Meme clearly stated, other countries prioritize academic excellence, but the United States has the full capacity to do so. But it doesn't seem to have done that, "Ashley said. "So we need to turn our priorities to our children." 

Row of empty desks in front of whiteboard. Interior of classroom in school.

A row of empty desks in front of the whiteboard. School classroom interior. (iStock)

After Ashley posted the meme,Tulsa County Democratic Partyasked the public to attend the next school board. I called to. Wearing a pride color. 

"Helps school board members be trained in LGBTQ inclusion and support the demand for maintaining equality and inclusion in public schools," one woman told Facebook. I am writing. 

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At a board of education meeting, the general public About the need to include Ashley in the school and the harm of social media without directly naming Ashley.

"I allow each board member to spend time at school, get to know the children and teachers there, and see for themselves their intellect, their sparks, and their potential. I recommend that you do it, "said one of the general public, criticizing the fragmentation of posts on social media. 

The Tulsa Public Schools board meets in June. 

Tulsa Public School Board Meeting in June Will be done. 

"I ask all elected leaders to engage in learning to better serve students and their families," another comment. Said. "This has become unnecessarily fragmented. There is nothing extreme about deciding to engage in learning, especially for identities and beliefs that are different from you." 

Ashley added that the school board meeting is "a platform for them to speak and give ideas" and "everyone should be respected and heard".  

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"I noticed that the left-wing mob is targeting Elena Ashley for diversity, equity, and inclusion training because of pressure from outside radical groups," Ryan Walters said. I read the Secretary's letter. "It is unacceptable for the Tulsa Board of Education to demand or entertain this type of targeting from officially elected members of the Board of Education." 

Ashley is an academic He said he initially ran for the school board because he noticed a drop in standards. 

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"I noticed in the community, so I ran. And in some places, our students weren't doing well academically, "she said. "When I looked it up, I found that my grades were declining and that it's been going on here in Oklahoma, and perhaps some other states, for more than a decade. I wanted to make a difference." 

Ashley said, "It's important for parents to be involved in the education of their children," and while on the school board, her additional priority is to make the school safer. I added that there is. 

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