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The tunnel to the Towers embarks on a bold new effort for American homeless veterans

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Veterans who have served our countrythrough military serviceoften face the tragic situation of being homeless.

The New York-based nonprofitTunnel to Towers Foundationaddresses this situation through a major new initiative to provide homes for homeless veterans. I promise that. 

"We have greatly benefited American veterans. These brave military personnel and women have made incredible sacrifices to protect the country. "It was," Frank Siller, Chairman and SEO of Tunnelto Towers, told FoxNews Digital. Friday morning. 

FRANK SILLER'S TUNNEL TO TOWERS announces a gift for the family of the FALLEN SEALTE AM8 Commander

"Tunnel to Towers" So we knew we were obliged to make sure they were having a hard time on the street. We look forward to the future and progress through our veteran homeless program, "he says. I did.

It's nothing more than a "life-changing", added Tunnelto Towers and Frank Siller's senior adviser Bradley Blakeman, who shared details with FoxNews Digital in this week's telephone interview.

Frank Siller founded Tunnel to Towers ( in honor of his heroic brother, Stephen Siller, who lost his life during 9/11 as he saved others. The group has a new initiative to provide housing for all American veterans who need it. 

Frank Schiller is Tunnel to Towers (t2t) .Org) founded in honor of his heroic brother, Stephen Schiller, who lost his life during 9/11 because he saved others. This group has a new initiative to provide housing to all American veterans who need it.  (Fox News)

"The stool has three legs," said Blakeman, the group's expanding mission. .. "Previously, our mission was to repay the mortgages of fallen first responders,troops were killed during their missionand left their families behind." 

He said the second "stool leg" is to provide smart homes for seriously injured troops and first responders who are professionally injured.

"[Frank] Schiller and the board recently said,'I have to do more. What's missing?'" Blakeman said. 

They soon came up with a third "fecal leg".Eradicate American Veterans Homeless

Nonprofits go where they need maximum: "If you build it, they don't come Let's — we have to go where they are. "

" There are 40,000 veterans in our city, but that's unacceptable, "Break said. Man said.

Tunnel to Towers has already invested millions of dollars in this new mission in just 120 days, Blakeman said. 

The nonprofit organization headquartered in Staten Island, NY is currently Riverside, Calif., Houston, Washington, D. C. I am active in. 

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation has a new alliance with U.S. VETS to provide both quality housing and important services for America's homeless veterans.

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation We have a new partnership with VETS in the United States to provide both quality and critical homes. Service for American homeless veterans. (Tunnel to Towers Foundation)

We are aiming to expand to Florida, New York and Georgia soon, Blakeman said.

The need for dignity

He shared additional details about the progress already made in the new initiative. 

Blakeman said, "Accommodating people in Riverside, California, refurbishing Phoenix real estate, closing Houston real estate, looking for Florida real estate, Washington D.C. We are negotiating real estate. "

He emphasized the importance of dignity in supporting veterans.

Tunnel to Towers Foundation is now working with U.S. VETS to provide housing and services for all America vets who are homeless. 

The tunnel to the Towers Foundation is currently VETS in the United States. We work with you to provide housing and services to all American veterinarians who are homeless.  (Tunnel to Towers Foundation)

"It's not enough to provide a house and a roof," he said. "We want to accommodate people in need of comfort and dignity. It's possible, but we also need to provide service," he said. 

"Without services, we provide the support these people need to recover and rejoin the community and live the rest of their days with dignity and comfort. No. "

With this new partnership, Tunnel to Towers is guaranteed to provide" top quality homes complemented by the highest quality services available. " 

To provide important housing and long-awaited services, Tunnel to Towers ( is anon-profit organization U. S. We have partnered with VETS. Headquartered in Los Angeles.

 This group offers a range of programs and services, including physical and mental health services, vocational training, alcohol and medication, Blakeman said.

America's homeless veterans are not forgotten by Tunnel to Towers and U.S. VETS. The two groups are working together to provide housing plus quality services for veterans all across the nation. 

American homeless veterins are Tunnel to Towers and VETS in the United States. .. The two groups work together to provide housing and quality services to veterans across the country.  (Tunnel to Towers Foundation)

According to the US VETS website, nearly 38,000 veterans are homeless and homeless. It accounts for about 9% of all adults.

"We know what we're doing well," Blakeman said of the tunnel to the Towers. “We help build and deliver infrastructure — we have capital, and we know what we aren't doing — and that's the service. That's why we got the best in our business. "

With this new partnership, Tunnel to Towers offers" the highest quality homes complemented by the highest quality services available. " Is guaranteed.

"In the end, I want to completely eradicate the veteran homeless."

Veterans who need a homeYou don't have to find a house, Blakeman said. Instead, nonprofits go where their needs are greatest.

"When you build it,doesn't come. We have to go where they are," he explained.

"Homeless veterans tend to gather in livable Sunbelts and urban areas. We are not going to uproot them and take them out of their familiar environment."

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation has bold goals to help eradicate veteran homelessness across America. 

The tunnel to the Towers Foundation is a bold goal to eradicate veteran homeless people. There is America. 

A Towers study, along with data from a U.S. census report, shows that the states that are currently active need help first. However, the goal is big.

"Ultimately, we want to completely eradicate veteran homeless people," Blakeman said.

"Determined to fulfill his duty"

The tunnel to the tower, as many know, has a dramatic and personal inside story. ..

Frank Schiller founded a non-profit organization to honor and remember his brother, the late Stephen Schiller. This is one of the many heroes of 9.11. 

Stephen Siller was a firefighter with the F.D.N.Y. who turned around on 9/11 after his shift was over and ran back to help those in need. He died in service to his fellow Americans. Frank Siller founded Tunnel to Towers in his honor.

Stephen Schiller is F. D. N. I was a firefighter of Y. After his shift was over, he turned around at 9/11 and ran back to help those in need. He died to serve his fellow Americans. Frank Schiller founded Tunnelto Towers in honor of him. (Tunnel to Frank Schiller / Towers)

On that day in 2001, a husband, five fathers, and a firefighter in Squadron 1 in Brooklyn. When Stephen Schiller, a fighter, just heard that the plane crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center, according to the website of the tunnel to Towers, he was in the process of playing golf after the shift.

Stephen turned around and drove to the entrance to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. It turned out to be already closed for security reasons. 

"Sillers turned family tragedy into a blessing."

As explained on the Tunnel to Towers website. Stephen said, "I tied my 60-pound gear to my back and walked through a tunnel to the Twin Towers."-Here he "gave up his life while saving others."

Stephen Siller, who lost his life on 9/11, is shown in his F.D.N.Y. department uniform. 

Stephen Schiller, who died on 9/11 His F. D. N. Shown in Y. Department uniform.  (Tunnel to Frank Schiller / Towers)

Blakeman's own personal career reflects that of Schiller. 

Blakeman, who served President George Bush as a gatekeeper and scheduler on 9/11, was in the West Wing when he had to evacuate the White House. 

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On that terrible day, Blakeman took his nephew I lost it. At the South Tower. 

Blakeman said it was "his honor" to help veterans. 

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"Sillers turn family tragedy into a blessing "He said. Stephen Schiller is "living" through all the people supported by nonprofits. 

Blakeman likens Frank Schiller to those who sacrifice life and the "hourglass," saying that "the sand is never regained, and all grain is life." rice field.

Deirdre Reilly is FoxNews Digital's Senior Editor for Lifestyle.