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Attacks spike in NY as 2 more sharks spotted as 'terrifying' sightings at Rockaway Beach

The latest sequel to Jaws hits Rockaway Beach.

According to ABC 7, there was another shark sighting in New York this summer,and two sea mammals were spotted swimming off Queens Beach on Monday..

"It's scary. I've never heard of sharks here," one beachgoer told ABC7. A few feet from the shore off 73rd Street Beach—he was just one of 15 shark sightings captured on video that day.

Shark attacks have become very prevalent this summer, with multiple incidents worldwide and a strong presence inNew York waters. It is rising.

Last week in the Bahamas, both of his 8-year-old boys had their legs bitten, whiledrone footage showed two swimmers of his caught within 7 feet. Florida foot shark.

jones beach sharks

Earlier this summer, Jones Beach opened Swim In another instance, after two sharks were spotted, drone footage spotted a great white shark just 100 feet off the coast of New York. Rockaway Beach was also closed for his July tally due to shark sightings.

An increase in shark attacks has promptedbeach lovers to head to the pool instead of the ocean.

But sharks aren't the only thing keeping people out of the ocean.

Two sharks were spotted were spotted at Rockaway Beach on Monday morning

Those planning to swim will be warned of strong rip currents. Done, because rip currents can take even the most experienced swimmer out to sea.

ABC 7 reported that lifeguards at her beach Jones made more than 100 serious rescues of her on Sunday.

Jones Beach lifeguard John Hurley said he rescued a man from a rip current on Sunday.

"He was able to spot the rip current before he really struggled and really sank," he said.