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Two-thirds of Gen Z, millennials worried about inflation

According to data exclusively obtained by The Post, many people plan their trips due to soaring prices that were not seen before Gen Z and Millennials were born. I have canceled and am seeking a second job.

HighGas pricesand40 years of high inflationare by far the biggest concern for people between the ages of 18 and 40. Banking App Dave — Found.

Of the 1,038 people interviewed, 67% said fuel costs were their biggest concern and 52% said inflation. Concerns about COVID (24%) and career advancement (11%) are diminishing. About 18% registered concerns about violence / terrorism / war.

"I've already spent all the dollars I earned before inflation, so I need to cut more on travel and other costs because it's too expensive," said Henry, 25, who lives in Manhattan. The use of surnames told the post.

"I had to cancel my trip this year because of the price of the plane, and with gas I can't go on a road trip," he added.

This data shows the tough financial situation of the younger generation, as they are concerned about a possible recession amid reduced consumer spending and shrinking GDP. .. According to a recent report from, Gen Z and millennials at least half live from salary to salary.

According to a survey, more than 50% of people under the age of 40 said they would cancel their travel plans because they couldn't afford a previously planned trip.

More than one-third of Gen Z (42%) say they have reached the point of applying for a second job to cover the cost of their summer plans.

Still, almost 60% admit that the numbers aren't working well and as a result they can't take leave.

Not only was the summer vacation plan a hit, but Gen Z and three-quarters of millennials were worried that they wouldn't have enough money to get it done, such as paying rent and other necessities. It states that it is.

New York-based Isabel, 25, told the post that she wants to save money, but she's not in a financial position to fill her bank account.

"My spending rose in parallel with inflation," she said.