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Two ways life on Mars can be hidden from scientists

Alien Life Potential on Marsis a topic that has fascinated astronomers for decades.

However, despite the best efforts of the scientific community, no evidence of past or present life was found on Mars.

Still, that doesn't necessarily mean it's not there, and many experts conclude.

There may be several ways evidence of alien life on Mars could evade us.

Life may be hidden beneath the surface of the water

A recent study shows that it is necessary to dig deep under the surface of Mars to find traces of life. It has been.

This is because evidence of amino acids remaining from the time Mars may have been habitable may be buried at least 6.6 feet underground.

Scientists look for amino acids for their life-forming roles, as we know, according to the Scripps Research Institute.

Amino acids, which can be produced by life and non-biochemistry, are important factors in building life-critical proteins.

And because Mars has no magnetic field, the surface of Mars is exposed to many cosmic rays that destroy amino acids.

Despite the scientific community's best efforts, however, no proof of past or present life has been found on Mars.
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"Our result is that amino acids are destroyed by cosmic rays. The surface of Mars sways at a much faster rate than previously thought and becomes a Legoris, "says Alexander Pavlov of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. Says.

"Current Mars rover missions drill down to about 2 inches (about 5 centimeters). At those depths, it takes only 20 million years to completely destroy amino acids. No. ”

In the light of this new study, new strategies are needed when drilling shallow surfaces with rover like Perservenace and Curiosity.

Life may exist in ways we are not yet aware

NASA scientist Dr. Moogega Cooper in April at Google To Mars, we talked about life in the lecture .

Scientists look for amino acids due to their role in forming life as we know it, per the Scripps Research Institute.
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I thought there was life on Mars, or there was life once When asked what he thought, Coopers' answer was positive.

She states: "Did water once exist on Mars? Yes. Does Mars have interesting chemistries that can harbor or sustain life? Yes."

For these reasons alone, Cooper implies that life once existed on the Red Planet.

NASA also does not completely rule out the existence of life on Mars and other planets.

It may be life that we do not yet understand.

Cooper states that microbes on Earth can exist in extremely harsh environments, and the same is true for Mars.

If we find life, Cooper's next task is to make sure that the Earth is safe when a sample of the Earth is returned here.

She explained to her talk on Google:

"When I bring something back, I don't want to bring back anything that could harm humans.

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