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Tyrus: The way Kathy Hochul handles BBQ is 'brutal'

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Tyrus said, "Gutfeld!

Greg Gutfeld: These new IRS agents will go after the little man

Tyrus: I'm sitting in jail right now and the governor called me, you're currently 22} imprisonedn am I still imprisoned? i just want to talk about it i cant go on like this but as a boy i am a barbecue chef it is my passion someone has to go you know they touch my barbecue If so?Right.I disown my children.Don't touch my barbecue.This is cruelty.First , she's got a spatula there's no fire yep they put out the flames so our little dress doesn't catch fire the hamburgers aren't cooked right let her flip Just like it's not done on the other side This is a mockery This is horrible 

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