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British mother dies while sleeping on plane with husband and two children

A grieving friend said a mother of two children lost her parents while she was asleep on a plane with her husband and two children. I'm back in the UK to see

Helen Rhodes and her family were flying from Hong Kong to the UK on August 5 when she "died in her sleep," a friend of hers said.

"We are still in disbelief and shock at the sudden death of her beloved friend who has touched so many people in Hong Kong and the UK," said her friend. Jayne Jejewrote in her GoFundMe post.

"Several hours into flight, Helen was found to be unresponsive. Despite all efforts, Helen could not be revived."

Jeje added: For the remaining eight hours of her flight, Helen lay gasping in her seat.

Her husband Simon and her young children Nathan and Emma are "devastated" by the "unimaginable" loss, Jeje wrote. The plane stopped in Germany and Rhodes' body was left in Frankfurt, but her family had to make the rest of her journey without her.  

The Rhodes family

It's time for everyone to say what they need to say to her," she said.

The UK Foreign Office told The Guardian: "We are helping the family of a British woman who died on a flight to Frankfurt and are in contact with local authorities."

Rhodes has lived in Hong Kong for 15 years. But she and her family were planning to return to the UK to start a "new chapter," Jeje said. She is a professional midwife and described Jeje as being the 'heartbeat' and 'one of a kind' of Hong Kong's local community.

"Helen was excited and nervous about moving, but she hadn't seen her family or her aging parents since the pandemic began, so she could go home and see her family." I was looking forward to it," she wrote Jeje. "Sadly, she never got to see them again."

Her fundraising page, which had raised more than $21,000 as of Monday, offered additional support for funeral expenses and her family. is devoted to