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Britain says Russia's new ground forces likely rely heavily on 'volunteers'

Britain said it had "almost established a major new ground force formation" that could include a "volunteer" battalion to support Russia's invasion of Ukraine. sure,” he said.

The emergence of highly volunteer legions confronted Russian President Vladimir Putin and his war planners as they sought to conquer Russia's much smaller compatriot, the post-Soviet republic.

On 10 August, the British Defense Intelligence Agency described the new formation as "3rd Corps" (3 AC), which was stationed in the Nizhny Novgorod province east of Moscow. said it was based in Mulino.

This rating came from the Ministry of Defense's latest update tweet.

“Russia likely plans to procure most of its 3 ACs from newly formed 'volunteer' battalions. It's a group that recruits recruits from the region," the update said.

The ministry quoted a Russian local official as saying that three of his potential AC recruits "will be offered lucrative cash bonuses once deployed in Ukraine." .

Hundreds of thousands of Russian troops are participating in or supporting the large-scale invasion of Ukraine that began on 24 February. This follows eight years of Russian support for armed separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Western military analysts claim Putin and his military and intelligence services are hoping for a quick victory that has not materialized.

Early in the invasion The failure to capture the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv in 2004 suggests that the Russian commander is concentrating forces on the eastern and southern territories of Ukraine.

"The Russian commander It is very likely that we will continue to face competing operational priorities of strengthening the Donbass offensive (in eastern Ukraine) and strengthening defenses against an anticipated Ukrainian counterattack in the south," said the British Defense Intelligence Agency. The latest information said.

US defense officials recently estimated that between 70,000 and 80,000 Russian soldiers were killed or wounded in the fighting.

It has previously said that between 100 and 200 troops are killed every day.