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Ukrainian Ambassador: "We will not surrender, we will win."

Ukraine's Ambassador to the United States, Oksana Marcarova, is a VOA diplomatic correspondent as a bystander at the Ukrainian House event in Washington on June 28, celebrating the Constitution Memorial Day of Ukraine. I talked to Natalie Liu. Below is a record of their dialogue, edited for clarity. The Ukrainian House, a center designed to introduce Ukrainian culture and strengthen relations between the United States and Americans, was set up in 2021 during President Volodymyr Zelensky's visit to the United States six months before the outbreak of the war. It opened on September 1st.

The European Union’s ambassador to the United States Stavros Lambrinidis presented Oksana Markarova, Ukraine’s ambassador to the U.S., a copy of the European Council’s agreement to accept Ukraine as a candidate for member state with all EU ambassadors in the U.S.’s signatures on it at an event on June 28, 2022 held at the Ukraine House in Washington marking Ukrainian Constitution Day. (Natalie Liu/VOA)
European Union Ambassador to the United States Stavros Rambrinidis is Oksana Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States in Marcarova, at an event held at the Ukrainian House in Washington on June 28, 2022, of the European Council to accept Ukraine as a candidate for a member state signed by all EU ambassadors to the U.S. signature. A copy of the agreement Ukraine Constitutional Anniversary. (Natalie Liu / VOA)

VOA:I saw Mariupol's past and present (this photo exhibition). Where can I see Mariupol's in the future?

Markarova:Mariupol becomes Ukrainian, Mariupol is released, and Mariupol is rebuilt. Of course, the lives of the Russians killed in Mariupol cannot be regained, but they will be properly buried, mourned and rebuilt.

VOA:What can the United States do now to help Ukraine?

Markarova: What America is doing now. I am very grateful for the support of Ukraine. We need security assistance, weapons, sanctions against Russia, and all other partners in the United States and others to continue to support our assistance. We all need to win together.

VOA:Do you know if weapon delivery is accelerating or not yet?

Markarova:We work very closely with our partners, and for the past eight years before this stage of the war, the United States has always been a strategic friend and ally. was. We are fighting very big and brutal enemies, so of course we need more. But we can not only fund us, but also support us, from the president to Congress and the Pentagon, but everything we can to help us, sometimes impossible. Thank you for doing something.

VOA:Your Defense Minister has pointed out that there may be a counterattack in the summer. Will they come?

Markarova:We know what happens to people in Russian-controlled territories. We need to release the territory as soon as possible because they were killed, tortured and raped. As soon as we can do it, as soon as we have enough weapons to do it, of course we do it. We are protecting our house.

VOA:Do you think Russian President Vladimir Putin is a rational actor in that he sits down and negotiates with Ukraine when he feels defeated?

Markarova:I'm not a psychologist answering this question. I know the situation is very black and white. The Russian Federation — Putin and all Russians in support of this war — crossed the border in 2014 and attacked a sovereign state. They illegally attacked Crimea, illegally attacked Donetsk and Luhansk, and committed war crimes since 2014. For the past 125 days, they have waged full-scale wars all over Ukraine. You need to leave our country.

VOA:Some people have time on the Russian side because they have more personnel and larger cannons, and Ukraine is in a short war If you don't win, Russia says you can get more and more territory and domination. What do you think of this question?

Markarova:Truth, God, justice are on our side. We have been attacked by Russia and hope it won't take long to protect ourselves. But no matter how long it takes, we will not stop, surrender, and win. This is our home, this is our people, we have lost Russia in the last few centuries, so we will not do it this time.

VOA:Did you learn anything you didn't know about your country, your people, the President (Volodymyr) Zelenskyy?

Markarova:My country is great, my people are very resilient, and in times like this we are always together and always united. I always knew. And I am very proud and honored to represent my country here.