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Ukraine found Russia's hard drive with 100GB of military data

Ukrainian troops have discovered a Russian hard drive with 100 gigabytes of military data. Many are marked as "classified," including details of Russian military equipment and exercises.KyivIndependentreported on Saturday.

This drive was discovered in Chernihiv Oblast, a northern district bordering Belarus, and was an early invasion point for Russian troops. It also contains detailed plans and other official documents for Russia's aerial artillery sector.

Lucky discoveries came when Russian missiles continued to attack cities across Ukraine.

The blast was heard in the southern city of Mykolaiv on Saturday, 128 days after the invasion.

"There is a powerful explosion in the city! Stay in a shelter!" Oleksandr Senkevych, Mayor of Mykolaiv, said in a message on the Telegram social media app. Russian troops said they used precision weapons to target military headquarters in the region, as well as targets in the Zaporizhia region in southeastern Ukraine and in the city of Kharkiv in the eastern region, about 50 miles from the Russian border.

At least 17 people were killed and over 30 were injured in the July 1 attack.
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Russian troops also attack the city of Lysychans'k inAndGovernor Serhiy Haidai, the last base in the eastern region of Luhansk, said on Saturday.

"On this day, the occupying forces fired from all kinds of weapons available," he said in a telegram, adding that Ukrainian troops are now fighting Russians over oil refineries on the outskirts of the city. rice field.

Donetsk, adjacent to Luhansk, is the two provinces that make up the Donbas region, and Russia has been focused on attacks since its withdrawal from northern Ukraine and the capital Kyiv in the spring.

Saturday marked the 128th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine is a civilian target far from Russia's frontline combat Was accused of deliberately attacking. The crushing collision continues.

Black Sea resort village Serhiivka near Odessa mourns after at least 21 people have died after a Russian missile attackleveled a nine-story apartment on Friday. Announced that there will be a day to take it.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said three anti-ship missiles attacked a "normal house, nine-story building" that accommodates about 160 people. He said the victims of the Friday attack also included four members of the family staying at a "typical" seaside campsite.

Rescue workers in Serhiivka, where officials announced a day of mourning after a missile attack.

"I emphasize. This is a deliberate direct Russian terrorism. , It's not a mistake, or an accidental missile attack, "said Zelensky.

The Kremlin repeatedly claims that it targets only fuel depots and military installations, not residential areas. However, missiles also recently attacked theapartment buildingin Kyiv and theshopping mallin the central city of Kremenchuk.

The Kremlin has repeatedly claimed that its strikes do no target residential areas, despite events that contradict this claim.
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On Friday, Ukraine carries Ukrainian cargo on Turkey. Requested to detain the ship. Grain from the occupied harbor of Berdyans'k. Zhibek Zholy was loaded with over 4900 tons of grain

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