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The uncle of the parade shooter on July 4th says there were "no warning signs" that he would carry out the attack.

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The archer's uncle, who was suspected of firing at the July 4 parade, said there were "no warning signs" that the young man was about to carry out the attack.

Robert Climo III, 22, attacked the Independence Day paradeon Monday in Highland Park, Illinois, killing at least six people and injuring 30. Has been accused of. His uncle Paul Klimo expressed deep sympathy for the victim and said he was shocked that his nephew was a suspect.

"There were no signs of letting him do this," Paul Climo told Fox 32.

Paul added that Klimo is a "really quiet kid."

Suspect arrested in Illinois for a July parade shooting that killed six people

Robert E. Crimo, 22, has been identified as a person of interest in the July 4th parade attack in Highland Park, Illinois in which at least six people were killed. 

Robert E. Copenhagen, 22, at Highland Park, July 4th Identified as a person of interest in the day's parade attack, Illinois, where at least six people were killed.  (Highland Park Police Station)

"He keeps everything to himself and does not express himself," he said. Explained. "So he's just sitting on his computer. There's no interaction between me and him."

Illinois July 4th parade shooting 6 People died and more than 30 were injured. Suspects arrested

Highland Park police arrested Krimo after an hour-long investigation Monday afternoon.

Kurimo is said to have launched aattack from the rooftop overlooking the parade route.

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The 22-year-old also has an extensive online wrap catalogfor. In October 2021, we released a mysterious track suggesting that we are planning life-defining acts. Beyond his ability to stop.

"Like a sleepwalker, I can't stop and think," Kurimo rapped the song. "My actions are brave and I don't need my thoughts. I know what I have to do. What's in it, not just for me, but for everyone else. I know. "

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"There is no past or future, only now," he continued. "It's more abstract than I imagined. I can feel the atmosphere pushing me in. I can't breathe without it, as the waves drag me in."

"I need to leave now." There is, I just have to do it. That's my destiny, everything came to this, "Klimo said. "Even I can't stop me. Is there something like free will or is it planned like a cosmic recipe?"

"It's behind my head I've been waiting and I'm ready to wake up. It's what I was sent here and it's like a sleepwalker, "he added to the track. ..