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U.S. religious leaders explain why faith in God has reached the lowest level in history and say COVID has exacerbated it.

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According to a new Gallup survey, Americansbelief in Godis the lowest ever.

And the four leaders of the Christian faith have various factors that contribute to the decline, such as the fact that young people fill their lives with something other than God and the anxiety caused by the blockade of the corona virus. I said that it is.

Polls show that 81% ofAmericansbelieve in God. This is down 6 points from 2017, representing the lowest percentage Gallup has ever recorded. The biggest decline in belief in terms of age group was a 10% decline in ages 18-29, who say they believe in God.

Bart Barber, a pastor of the First Baptist Church in Farmersville in rural eastern Texas and president of the Southern Baptist Convention, said that more and more people in the United States are "with the congregation of faith." It's not just that there is no connection, "he told Fox News Digital. But in life, I don't have time to stop and ponder the spiritual things.

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"They say they are Christians themselves, they believe in God and accept the gospel. For many of them, the church and contemplation and worship have been squeezed by the schedule of their lives," Barber explains. did.

Window light shining on rows of empty church pews in a church sanctuary.

A window illuminating a row of empty church seats Sanctuary of the Church of Light. (iStock)

Lawrence R, chairman of the Concordia Theological Seminar in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and a former Luther pastor. Reverend Last Junior told Fox News Digital, "People continue to look for and think about bigger questions, but the lack of dedicated space and time reserved for it is now seen around us.

The youth isCatholic Bishop Robert Baron, appointed Bishop of Winona Rochester Parish, and the founder of Word on Fire, "Most Worried." It is a demographic that says "I am." "Inheriting the weakening of religious practices" that is widespread in society.

"When I was a kid, my parents took it for granted that we were taken to the masses, taught how to pray, and learned about saints. "The world that immerses us in it," Baron recalled. "Well, when you don't immerse people in the world, you say:" Oh, it's up to you, you decide what you want to do when you're 16 years old. You lose it all. And we were "surprised that the young people drifted and the young people lost their purpose and meaning."

Thomas J. Chairman of the Bishop's Council of the United Methodist Church. Bishop Bickerton told FoxNews Digital that in a sense, polls aren't surprising, as the church has lost more than one. A parishioner for generations by "not raising" young people in faith. 

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"Three generations of people who are missing two or not immersed in the rhythms and rituals of the church. They are not involved in the relationship of the church. They Is doing other things, "said Vickerton. "For me, the practice of my faith stirs up my deep belief in God. If generations not in the church practice the rhythm of worship or practice the faith, they are now. It's natural to doubt that he is a god. It exists. " 

Sanctuary of a small church

Small church sanctuary(iStock)

Building a church tradition that helped reduce faith in God The lack of practice was exacerbated by the blockade of thecoronavirusnationwide 97}, said the leaders of the faith.

"I talked to many young people.'Through this COVID, I became wondering if God exists or what my relationship with God is. "Bickerton said, adding that those who approach him with questions about struggling to maintain their faith are" daily events. "

"We cannot underestimate the power of relationships," Vickerton added. "So I think isolation created that sense of suspicion."

The barber suffered from depression after his congregation's grandmother lost his father during the blockade of COVID. And, "

As the best court rule for coaches and prayers, the leaders of faith say:

" COVID, that When introduced, people are further isolated and people are excluded from the church. COVID has accelerated these things that were already prevalent before that. ”

Research Conservative think tanks Just Facts conducted concluded that the stress and anxiety caused by coronavirus lockdown destroys a lifespan ofyears, which is seven times that of stored lockdown. Several studies have shown a significant increase in alcohol dependence, drug use and suicide. Pandemic.

"Almost all levels if you don't have the opportunity to engage with the community, or if you deliberately refuse to engage with the community. In either form, people are somehow We will try to fill that void, "says Last. , And how to deal with them? Well, in many cases people are self-treating, so that's actually an increase.

Baron said that the pandemic "had a great impact", such as "it had a very bad impact on young people." Those who saw him "close-up"

"Religious practice, prayer, going to the masses,going to religious service, as it disappeared, the belief progressed "To decline, we need to materialize and practice," said Baron.

People gathered for mass inside Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Buffalo, N.Y., during a Mass mob Jan. 12, 2014.

The most of the Misa mob on January 12, 2014 Inside, people gathered in the Hour Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Buffalo, New York.(AP)

Several religious leaders who spoke with Fox News Digital said to the church itselfto God in the United States. Condemned the decline in faith.

Baron told Fox News that the church has stopped "cha", so the church deserves some blame for digital learning "young people.

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"We are trying to create a religion. It ’s too good. ” "We try not to adapt it too much to culture. No. We speak from an ancient tradition that has led people to the mystery of life, way and meaning for thousands of years. 

"And just by adopting a manual stance and apology, we will fall into culture and young people will say" one with you ", and they are fascinating. You will find it uninteresting. Don't hesitate to believe.

Last told Fox News Digital that he believed that various scandals in churches across the country helped people break away from their beliefs. "If this is all about the churchif this is all about Christianity, if this is what faith in God brings, who needs it?'"

Archbishop Gregory Aymond conducts the procession to lead a livestreamed Easter Mass in St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, Sunday, April 12, 2020. 

Archbishop Gregory Amond leads the procession April 12, 2020 Easter Misa live-streamed at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans on Sunday.  (AP Photo / Gerald Herbert, file)

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Bickerton said the young people in the church are disillusioned by not seeing what they hear in the church Sunday practice on Monday It has been. 

"I'm sure I'll replace God with something else, but the younger generation is pretty loud saying they're tired of what they're listening to. At that point, I think the church is wrong Sunday is not something they experience from the people sitting on Monday, "Bickerton explained.

"Living from our faith is not just a journey of worship, but an encounter in the world, and the younger generation wants to see how faith lives in culture. I'm thinking, when there is a contradiction from the people of the church. It raises a big question in them.'Is this faith really important?'"

Gallup polls have been a source of concern among church leaders, but some of the faith leaders who spoke to Fox News Digital have seen the future, including the last. The god of the United States is still higher than the polling shows ofEuropean countries

"In the long run, in the recent Gallup polling. , More than 80% of Americans believe in God. This is a very impressive number compared to other Western cultures. "

Barber is optimistic about the futureExplained that it came from the study of historyand his belief that atheism does not provide the answer that those who leave faith seek. 

"In the history of Western civilization, society has been disillusioned many times. By general religion or C's ideas, specifically, God's ideas and parents. We have avoided Christianity by deciding to choose different ways for ourselves from the practices of faith found in our parents and grandparents, "Burber said. 

"But after that time, in the cycle of history, people are encouraged by the fact that they are disillusioned with a life without God.

"So I remain optimistic," Barber added. "I'm a long-term optimist and a short-term realist on the situation. Andrew Mark Miller is a FoxNews writer. Find him on Twitter @andymarkmiller and email Andrew Mark for tips. Miller @Fox .com.