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U.S. announces purchase of medium to long range ground-to-air missile defense system for Ukraine

(CNN)The United States will announce the purchase of advanced medium- and long-range surface-to-air missiles earlier this week. -Ukraine's aerial missile defense system, sources familiar with the announcement told CNN.

President Joe Biden, who is currently meeting with G7 leaders in Germany for a summitfocused primarily on Ukraine, recentlyAs the United States advances its war with Russia, it will provide Ukraine with "more advanced rocket systems and ammunition." Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will effectively address Biden and other G7 leaders on Monday.

At the request of the Ukrainian Army, other military aid, such as additional shells and counter-battery radar, may be announced this week. Ukrainian troops are likely to need training in the system, but given that weapons can hit targets more than 100 miles away, Ukrainian authorities are seeking a missile defense system known as the NASAMS system. There is.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskywill effectively addressBiden and other G7 leaders on Monday.
The United States is steadily announcing additional security assistance to Ukraine. Last week, the Biden administrationannounced an additional $ 450 millionin military aid to Ukraine, and provided four more multiple launch rocket systems and shells for other systems.
And earlier this month, the Biden administrationprovided an additional $ 1 billion in military aid to Ukraine, a package that included the transportation of additional howitzers, ammunition, and coastal defense. 28} Announced to provide. system.
CNNreported last week as. US war assessments increasingly envision a long and tough battle in eastern Ukraine, with significant personnel and equipment losses on both sides.

U.S. officials maintain a violent eastern attack characterized by artillery and missile strikes, with Russian troops exhausting Ukrainian troops and NATO intending to resolve over time. I believe you are planning to do that.

On the Ukrainian side, the army is burning Soviet-era ammunition that fits the old system, and the Western government is facing a tough decision on whether to continue to increase support for the country. I promised to do it already.

"We will continue to lead the world by providing historic support to support the fight for freedom in Ukraine," the President wrote in a New York Times editorial last month. rice field.