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The destroyer targets the Virginia Pro Life Center with menacing graffiti: "You are not safe."

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Bandals targeted the Pro Life Center in Lynchburg, Virginia, and threatened graffiti and broke windows after the US Supreme Court resolved to overthrow Law. V. Friday's Wade incident. 

"If the abortion is not safe, you are not safe," says a red graffiti at the entrance to the Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center. A photo posted by the local police shows. 

Lynchburg police responded to the Pregnancy Center around 10:40 am on Saturday. "We found that the building was spray-painted with graffiti and several windows were broken. Security camera footage shows four masked individuals doing the act, police said.

Police posted a still image from a security video showing that four individuals were walking on the sidewalk with some of the suspects in hooded sweatshirts. ..

New York Pro Life Pregnancy Center, allegedly "incendiary" by the Left Group, begins investigation

The Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center in Virginia was vandalized following Supreme Court overturning Roe. V. Wade. 

The Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center in Virginia was destroyed after the Supreme Court overthrowed Roe. V. Wade.  (Lynchburg Police Station )

Authorities are asking the public to provide information and tips on this issue. The case is under investigation. 

Rebels at the North Carolina Pregnancy Center after abortion in favor of abortion: "spiritual battle"

Republican Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin has been described as "unacceptable" by a vandalism on social media on Saturday night.

"Virginia has no room to do this and it is unacceptable to violate the law. This is not the way we find a common ground.Virginia Police} I'm ready to investigate the local law enforcement agency, "Yonkin tweeted Saturday. 

Prolife, group remarks targeted more than 40 times in attacks, vandalism and harassment since the Supreme Court leak

In recent weeks, the center has been targeting the whole country, following a leaked decision in May indicating that the Prolife Supreme Court was planning to overthrow Roe. 

Group "Jane's Revenge" blames a few attacks and issues a letter this month at theProlife Pregnancy Crisis Centerproclaiming an "open season" Did. The graffiti reading "Jane's Revenge" was also seen scribbled at the Pro Life Center in Virginia. 

"From now on, anti-selection groups that close doors and shut down are no longer targets, but until then it's an open season and you know where your operations are. "." Said the letter. 

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On Friday, the Supreme Court Announcing that decision to overturn Law, who has virtually ended recognition of abortion as a constitutional right. The announcement sparked fierce protests across the country, including Arizona, where police had to use tear gas to dissolve the crowd outside the state Senate building.