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Boyfriend's sausage "trauma" vegetarian to sprout pig nose and ears

She was suffering from PTSD: post-traumatic sausage disorder.

It's horribly backfired that British vegetarians tried to cook meat for their boyfriend after one of the sausages seemed to germinate their nose and ears like a pig. I did. Pictures of apocalyptic culinary disasters, tagged with the hashtag "I'm traumatized," are now laughing across social media.

"I was very tired and scared," said 21-year-old Chrissie Anker, cooking sausages and chips for her boyfriend Joe and her daughter. I told Kennedy News about the cooking disaster that occurred while I was there.

"I usually cook vegetarian food for him and his daughter every night," explained Biggleswade from Bedfordshire, who stopped using meat four years ago. "I feel sick, so I thought I'd give him something different. It's a rare treat in our house."

She always wanted to be a vegetarian. Nevertheless, he added, "I didn't really care about meat."

Chrissie Anker, 21, and her meat-loving boyfriend Joe.
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"When I looked in the oven while they [the sausages] were cooking, it looked like a pig," described the aghast plant-lover. "I noticed what looked like ears. I was telling Joe then when I opened the door, it looked like it had a snout as well."
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The hot hog in all its porcine glory.
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When Anker seemed to experience the sausage manufacturing process in reverse, everything changed during its fateful meal.

"When they (sausages) looked at the oven while cooking, they looked like pigs," explained an astonishing plant lover. "I noticed that it looked like an ear. I told Joe that when I opened the door, it also looked like a nose."

Schnitzel, which initially looks like a pig Anchor, who was amused by, took a picture of the cook and shared it with his family, but then decided to remove it "because it was terrible".

Nevertheless, the small piggy bank eventually hit the market. "Joe found it really interesting too. I asked him if he was still going to eat it because it looked like a real pig — he still ate." Anker said.

She suffered from PTSD = Post traumatic sausage disorder.
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Since then, senior support officers have been hot "pigs" Sharing photos Kennedy News reported on social media that viewers commented that images began to swear sausages forever.

"I just posted it because I thought it was so interesting, but I didn't expect it to be seen by so many people," said Meat Slinger. "Many people said it was really terrible, and others said they were meat eaters, but this made them not want to eat sausages again.

Anker was traumatized by the sight of the sausage's accidental swine cosplay.
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The image of the piggy pork log prompted many social media users to swear off sausage.
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