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Virginia Coffee Shop Owner Speaks After Business Targeting Pro Life View

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FIRST ON FOX:Virginia coffee shop owner responded to his pro-life view of the overthrow of. Speaks after your business has been targeted online. Roev. Wade

Ajay Brewer, owner of the Brewers Cafe in Richmond, Virginia, spoke with FoxNews Digital on Monday. The business received many negative reviews and comments online when he said he upheld the Supreme Court, which overturned the precedent for abortion.

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Ajay Brewer, owner of Brewer's Cafe in Richmond, Virginia, was targeted online along with his business after posting his pro-life view on Roe v. Wade. 

Ajay Brewer, owner of Brewer's Cafe in Richmond, Virginia, was targeted online with his business after posting ProLife's views on the Roe v. Wade case.  (Photo courtesy of Ajay Brewer)

"A person as happy as I overthrow Roe," Brewer wrote.

"Terrible customer service, the owner is absolutely terrible and tells people terrible stories. Will never come back," the reviewer insisted. "Owners hate women. I told me I was good at making sandwiches and just threw a loaf of bread at me."

"Terrible service. The owner It's garbage and doesn't defend women's rights. We saw him spit on the customer's food and keep a cockroach, "another wrote. "When we left, I saw a few mice shooting dice by the front door, but to be honest, they were cool, so I said Wasap when I passed by.

Ajay Brewer and his son. 

Ajay Brewer and his son.  (Photo courtesy of Ajay Brewer)

"Food is always cold. Coffee is never fresh. Terrible customer service. Place with owner Is just sucking everywhere, "writes a reviewer. "I'm not going to recommend this place to the soul and pray that it will be closed. A complete waste of space. Out of 10 -192765782. And the owner can go straight to hell. I want to be an uncle tom a-- ni--a. And I said wtf I said. "

Brewer posted on his personal Facebook that he was happy with Roe's overthrow. We called reviews, comments, names, and "challenge" for the character "a pretty decent attempt to silence me."

However,Richmond Coffee Shop ownerwas worried about "online bullying." He has the same view as others.

"The wildest part of it all is most of these people, and I think it's the most because there are about 70% of the population who believe in what I believe." A line drawn somewhere before that second semester. "

A Virginia business owner said he would never "return" to the ideology that he could not comment on abortion as a man, giving him the "opinions" and "voices" he would use. Declared to have. ..

Brewer's Cafe faced a slew of negative, and sometimes racist, reviews after Ajay Brewer shared his view on the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. 

Brewer's Cafe is a lot of negative, sometimes people Faced with racists, a review after Ajay Brewer shared his views on the Supreme Court overturning the Roe v. Wade case.  (Photo courtesy of Ajay Brewer)

Brewer, who had been in financial services for 10 years before becoming a business owner at a coffee shop, said: I added that. Standing in his belief, he is a lesson of "exemplary leadership" for his son.

A black entrepreneur also says that if he thinks "many of us are killed by these procedures" and believes it is wrong, he has the right to speak. Told.

"But this particular business owner has to believe everything I believe in, so this holistic idea of ​​mixing, or I shop with them," Brewer said. Said. "It's not the right way to handle things."

Ajay Brewer and his family.

Ajay Brewer and his family. (Photo courtesy of Ajay Brewer)

In addition, Brewer questioned the stance of the pro-choice he grew up in, after which his pro-life He said the view was a recent development. He also consumes news from outlets across the political spectrum.

Brewer said his business involves fostering communities, hiring serious offenders, and providing performance space for local artists. His business is also involved in the local school district.

However, since his post on Roe, all the artists who will play there have withdrawn. Brewer learned about the cancellation in leaflets posted around the town.

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Ajay Brewer is a Richmond native who spent a decade working in financial services before becoming an entrepreneur and opening up a coffee shop.

Ajay Brewer worked in financial services for 10 years before becoming an entrepreneur and opening a coffee shop. I'm from Richmond. (iStock)

"And now I'm supposed to hate some kind of anti-female, so all of them are local entrepreneurs He added that his reaction to the online post was "internal" and "like what he saw in the news."

In addition, rumors of a mass staff walkout spread online after the post, but the rumors weren't true: Brewer lost one employee at the post, but the split Friendly and employee agreed with him View.

Brewer said he was concerned that other professional life businesses might be targeted like him. Do it rather than dismantle another business.

Coffee shop owners continue to say that online mobs consider it "irrelevant" that Brewer's business helped initiate "economic improvements" in his neighborhood. A business that isn't involved in the community, said the mob is probably easy to destroy another.

"If it's so easy to dismantle me, it should be twice as easy to dismantle another business that isn't so deeply involved in the community," Brewer said. "Ajay Brewer wants to get the [abortion] decision back into the hands of the state, so if we can jump to the conclusion that we don't like women, we can prevent abortion on demand anytime, for whatever reason. To the business that is there just to make a profit. "

Brewer is a father's business, doubling his online view without a family or other business related to him. He said he would focus on the "threats" and 1-star reviews that have already hit Tony's Grill. ..

The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in a 5-4 decision last week.

Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade with 5. Did-Four decisions last week. (Fox News Digital)

He also expressed concern to those who did not critically read the information they consumed.

Virginia entrepreneurs say that if people "do not pay attention to the news," "there is no way to sort it out as truth," friends, celebrities, and politicians they follow.

He also states that these headlines and posts are "all based on progressive ideologies that are mainstream," and those who share the ideology refer to the politicians and business owners who promote them. "Praise" and said he was following.

Brewer's business target for him, expressing his view of pro-life, comes as liberals rage online over the overthrow of the Roe v. Wade case and send the abortion target back to the legislature. Will be done.

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Church and Pro Life Organization 199} Weeks leading up to the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision to overturn the abortion case, and since then it has been destroyed nationwide.

However, abortion remains dwarfed in the minds of Americans' economies, and the end of Law may not play as much a role in the next election as progressives think.

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