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Virginia's father said it was "enough" after a school in Loudoun County complained of "child corruption."

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The father of Loudoun Countyfiled a new lawsuit against the public school district on Friday in Faulkner Focus as parents felt that "children's corruption" was still ongoing. Said that.

"I am the father of five children who have experienced the [school system] and are involved in various aspects of community business and community governance. This board was elected in 2019. When this happened in the insidiousness of the fairness agenda, we sawhow it was actually done, "said Clint Thomas, parent of Loudon County.

Thomas said that"thousands" of other parents, teachers, citizens involved, and stakeholders in Loudoun County say "enough."

Loudoun County supervisor apologizes and board members resign as regurgitation spreads on suspicion of sexual assault

Residents of Loudoun County, Virginia, have helped make critical race theory a national conversation in 2021. 

Residents of Loudoun County, Virginia, criticized in 2021 It helped to turn the racial theory into a national conversation.  (REUTERS / Evelyn Hockstein)

The conservative AmericaFirstLegal (AFL) goes to Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) through the Center for Equality before the Law. I filed a lawsuit against it. ) "Because of the systematic and terrible moral corruption of the children in the district and the deliberate and almost pleasing breach of the parent's right to control the upbringing of the children."

"LCPS Seeing the systematically destroyed once-respected school system, nationwide, believing that parents have the right to tell the detained audience of their students what they need to do. Parents should be shocked and frightened. I believe. " "Fortunately, as we have seen, no parent has as much courage and dedication to their children asLoudoun County, Virginia."

Some of the policies covered by the US First Court case, which the group noted "on behalf of 11 brave parents," included Policy 8040 and Regulation 8040, and the group "forced student speech." Let young children use the bathroom and locker room with members of the opposite sex, keeping their parents in the dark when they lead a dual life as a different gender during school hours. "  

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Said like. Moderator Julie Banderas states that Virginia's parents have "the basic benefits of freedom to manage children's upbringing, moral guidance and education." 

"But, like, when a school like the one seen in Loudonviolates the basic rights of the parent, it threatens the right and threatens the parent. Are they in a position to choose? Do I want to be able to continue to manage my child's upbringing, or do I want to continue to receive this free education? "Hamilton argued.

"That's the choice. They shouldn't be forced into it, and that's why we file this proceeding."

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