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Live Watch: January 6, Commission Hearing Focusing on Trump's Pressure on the Justice Ministry


Thursday's View of the House January 6th Committee Hearing

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Federal Bureau of Investigation providing subpoenas to those detained by fake voters

CBS News is summoned by Federal Bureau of Investigation You may have provided a letter and participated in an effort to use "invalid voters".

FBI authorities do not discuss the investigation, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued subpoenas in at least two locations (Georgia and Virginia). The subpoena shows the expansion of the investigation into how political activists tried to overturn President Joe Biden's 2020 victory by then-President Donald Trump.

Both the FBI and the Justice Department will comment. The Federal Attorney Office in the District of Columbia has not confirmed the existence of the investigation and said it had no comments.

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Trump's documentary filmmaker's lawyer testifies and shoots Ivanka Trump There was a "contradiction" in the crew

A British filmmaker who interviewed Trump and his family for a documentary during a bid for the re-election of the former president. Alex Holder met with the elected committee on Thursday in a closed room and documented that he handed over all the requested footage to the panel.

According to the New York Times, Ivanka Trumpshould tell the film crewin mid-December 2020 that the former president should "continue to fight until all legal remedies are exhausted." He said. Her testimony to the special committee. CBS News has confirmed the Times account.

In an interview with a house investigator presented at a previous hearing, Ivanka Trump "accepted" the conclusion of then-lawyer Bill Barr that there was no widespread fraud in the 2020 elections. ".

Holder's lawyer, Russell Smith, said there was a "contradiction" in Ivanka Trump's remarks.

"That's why we're working with the Commission, and they can determine if there was perjury or something less," Smith said. Told to.

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Rosen said the election was stolen and the injustice was "wrong" Communicating to the congressional discussions

Former MP Jeff Rosen, who took over after William Barr announced his resignation, told the Commission: According to his statement obtained by CBS News, it is large enough to change the outcome of the 2020 elections. " This reflects what Barr told the committee, and the video was shown at a previous hearing.  

"We also argued that there must be an orderly and peaceful transfer of power under the Constitution," Rosen says. "Especially during my tenure, we did not appoint a special counsel and did not send letters to states or state legislators who disagree with the election results. Also, the elections are corrupt and overturned. We did not make a public statement that we should. We have filed or participated in other lawsuits and questioned the legitimacy of our elections and institutions. " 

2020 Some argued to Trump and the public that the elections of the year were "corrupted and stolen," but Rosen said, "At that time, that view was wrong. Today is wrong. Today we are here today. I hope you have. It will help you reaffirm that fact. "

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January 6th, hearing focused on promoting DOJ's Trump to overturn the 2020 elections

Thursday's fifth hearing investigating January 6th The House Election Commission will focus on former President Donald Trump's efforts to influence the Legal Department to overturn the 2020 election results. Trinity Chavez of CBS News will participate in "CBS News Morning" in preview.

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The January 6 Commission focused on Trump's Justice Ministry. The 5th Hearing will be held today

The House Selection Committee, which investigates the turmoil in the Capitol on January 6, will hold the 5th Hearing today. Witnesses are expected to focus on how former President Trump tried to use the Justice Department to reinforce his attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election. CBS News Parliamentary correspondent Nikole Killion joins Anne-Marie Green and Errol Barnett's anchors to elaborate on the Commission's ongoing investigation.

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January Six panels to hear from former DOJ officials

The House Committee investigating the Capitol attack will be convened for the fifth hearing on Tuesday. Parliamentarians will focus on former President Trump's pressure campaign against the Justice Department to overturn the 2020 elections. It comes because the commission is also set up to meet documentary filmmakers who have new footage from inside the Trump White House. Highest Elections and Election Correspondent Robert Costa reports.


Thompson states that he has "redoed" the Mobrooks subpoena

House January 6 Chairman Benny Thompson told reporters Wednesday night that he had "redoed" the panel's subpoena to Republican Rep. Mo Brooks in Alabama. The Commission was unable to serve Brooks and the subpoena expired.

Brooks is one of the five Republicans summoned in May 2021 and has not been successfully served. 

On Tuesday night, Brooks lost to Trump-backed Katie Britt in the Alabama Senate Republican primary. Trump denied Brooks, who had previously received Trump's support. 

— Eriskim and Caroline Lynton  


Thompson says Ginny Thomas has responded to the Commission's request to speak to her

Chairman Benny Thompson told reporters Wednesday that the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas' wife, Ginny Thomas, said he had responded to their request to talk to her, but Thompson did not elaborate further.

 "Well, she answered our letter, and we look forward to her continued engagement with her," Thompson said. 

He said the Commission had not decided on the form in which she would testify. 

— Erisquim and Caroline Lynton  


Thompson states that the next two hearings will be held in July

Chairman Benny Thompson said on Wednesday that the next two hearings will be held. He said it is likely to be held in July. Break on July 4th.

According to Thompson, the commission received "additional information" from documentary filmmaker Alex Holder and adjusted the schedule after receiving additional work from the National Archives. Thompson also left the possibility for the Commission to add more hearings.

"Now we have to see what the document review tells us," he said.  

Commission member Jamie Ruskin told reporters Wednesday that the Commission initially wanted to hold a hearing in June, but said, "Since we started. There is a lot of new evidence. "

"And we need to take a breath, look for new evidence and incorporate it into our planned hearing," Ruskin said. 

Mr. Thompson said the Commission would "probably" have the Justice Department review the materials it had collected, but only after the Commission had finished. 

"We keep documents," Thompson said. "As you know, they are our product. If they have the opportunity to come, sit and review, I think that's what we can solve."  

Electoral College and Caroline Lynton  


4th House January 6th Commission hearing focuses on threats to "fake voters" and civil servants during the Trump pressure campaign

January 6, 2021 to the US Capitol House Selection Committee investigating the attack At a hearing on Tuesday, President Donald Trump and his allies tried to overturn the state's election results, threatening state legislators, electoral colleges, and Arizona and Georgia workers. I explained in detail about. 

The Commission is an ordinary American on Tuesday to advertise the "big lie" that Trump won the election with officials by President and Rudolph Giuliani. The ability of these Americans to withstand that pressure has come at great personal sacrifice.

"Our democracy was maintained because the brave people we heard today took a vow to the Constitution rather than loyalty to a man," said Adam, a member of the Commission.・ Rep. Schiff said. "The system was maintained, but the problem barely remains. Will it be maintained again?

At the hearing, Trump and his allies in Arizona planned to replace the well-meaning Biden voter with a fake voter. Fake voters gathered in Arizona, and Arizona Speaker Russell Bowers called it a "tragic parody." Bowers refused to be involved in the fake voter program being promoted by Giuliani. 

Schiff's text revealed that Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson may also have been a member of a fake electoral college. The text between Johnson's Chief of Staff and Pence's aide showed that Johnson's aide had informed Pence's aide that the Senator was ready to deliver fraudulent ballots to Pence. .. "Don't give it to him," replied Pence's aide. 

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The third committee hearing on January 6 focuses on Trump's attempt to push Pence to overturn the election results

The House Commission investigating the January 6 attack on the State Capitol said a campaign by President Donald Trump to pressure former Vice President Mike Pence to refuse elections on Thursday is 2020. I heard testimony from Pence's aides who said the president's efforts to overturn the elections of the year were meaningless and "non-American."

"Mike Pence said no. He resisted the pressure. He knew it was illegal, he knew it was wrong." Chairman Benny Thompson said he would hold a third day of hearings investigating the parliamentary attack. "We are fortunate to have Mr. Pence's courage on January 6th. Our democracy has approached a dangerous catastrophe."

The January 6 Commission is focusing on a pressure campaign on former Vice President Pence to overturn the election results

Two Pence advisors appeared directly at the hearing on Thursday: former Pence lawyer Greg Jacob and a highly respected conservative lawyer who advised Pence. J. is a retired federal judge. Michael Lutig The aftermath of the 2020 elections. The Commission also showed tape footage of interviews with Pence's Chief of Staff Mark Short and other aides.

The testimony is a theory promoted by a conservative lawyer to Pence and his closest aides to Trump and his allies John EastmanRevealed that he said repeatedly. The Vice President is unfounded in constitutional and federal law and must reject or exchange voters' slate alone. 

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Second House The January 6th Commission Hearing investigates Trump's false election allegations at the hearing

House January 6 The Commission held a second hearing with those closest to former President Donald Trump and won the 2020 election night. Said it was too early to declare. The election was stolen.

Commission shows video testimony from senior officials in the Trump administration, saying that former Vice President Mike Pence and the White House recognize that there is no evidence to support Trump's allegations of fraudulent elections. Stated.

Former Attorney General William Barr is a recorded video testimony that early claims that Trump won the election "Fake" and "stupid."

"In fact, when we receive certain credible fraud allegations, the department convinces itself that they have no merit. We made an effort to investigate these in order to do so, "Barr said in a recorded testimony. 

Chairman Benny Thompson said in his opening remarks, "I knew how Donald Trump lost the election and he lost the election . As a result, his defeat has decided to make an attack on our democracy, an attack on the American people, by trying to steal your voice in our democracy. His supporters. A crowd of people attacked the Capitol. " 

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House The January 6 Commission will hold a hearing with videos and executive testimonies never seen before: " It was a war scene. ”

{House Selection Committee to Investigate 356}Attack on the US Capitol on January 6 Including the daughter Ivanka Trump, who was in the orbit of former President Donald Trump, who launched the first hearing of a series of hearings using unprecedented footage and clips from the attack of the day. Of video-recorded testimonies from some people.

Chairman in charge. Bennie Thompson and Vice-Chair Liz Cheneyare the opening statements of those who the Trump administration officials themselves did not believe in the former president's unfounded election claims. I elaborated on the number of.

Former Attorney General William Barr, for example, in his testimony to the Commission on January 6th, an election stolen by Trump "Bullish **" Ivanka Trump said he "trusted" that there was no fraud because he respected the bar. 

Chainy and Thompson called this event a "conspiracy" and pointed out how many people were involved. In fact, Chainy said there were Republicans seeking amnesty for their actions on January 6. 

Witnesses includedParliament police officerEdwards suffered a traumatic brain injury during the assault, which also included Caroline.

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