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Investigate Bidens' dubious commerce as Republicans open the House of Representatives in November

In October 2020, just 20 days before the controversial presidential election, an amazing articlewas published in the New York Post. It was published in. 90} Learn more about the dubious commerce and influence fabrication by Joe Biden's family, especially his son Hunter.

The legacy media of , who have been sensationally dealing with the myriad conspiracy theories about President Donald Trump and his family for four years, faced the choice of . Report Biden's claim or circle the wagon. Biden's defense in preparation for the election. They chose the latter 

NPR told the audience, "I don't want to waste time on stories that aren't really stories."

Big Tech has joined. Twitter has blocked users from posting links to some news articles about Hunter Biden's laptop content. The posting account was also locked because I refused to delete the article. Facebook has manipulated the algorithm to limit the spread of the story on the laptop. One of the country's largest newspapers has been virtually locked out of the Digital Public Square.

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden laptop

Immediately 51 ex An intelligence officer circulated an open letter A letter that casts doubt on the authenticity of the information. They claimed without evidence that the post article had all the classic landmarks of Russian disinformation operations. These signatories abused the permission of the previous title to discredit evidence that cast serious doubts about the access granted to Joe Biden during his last tenure.

Next, the Biden campaign used Big Tech's censorship and Intel officer's letter to dismiss the unruly allegations and others as disinformation merchants. Dirty people. In short, these entities colluded to hide details about the post's article , just as Americans were determined about the presidential election.

Almost two years later, most media outlets quietly acknowledge the credibility of the article .

According to previous Parliamentary Republican surveys, Biden's family used their connections with Joe to enrich themselves in hopes of access and promises about what the Biden administration would do. did.

We pursued these threads, despite the Democratic Party's refusal to cooperate. We have made about 100 requests for information related to Biden's family system. Many have been ignored, including all requests to the Biden administration. However, with the help of witnesses who have records of transactions with the Biden family, some answers are emerging.

First, Joe Biden's familymade a profit in theoverseas region, where he was influential as the Vice President. Hunter Biden was sitting on the board of directors of a Ukrainian company in an industry he had no experience with. His only qualification was that his father upheld Ukrainian policy in the United States.

Joe Biden
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Kiev, Ukraine
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Next, Bydens used his connection with Joe to promise access to the highest levels of government. While Joe was Vice President, Hunter promised a Mexican business partner access to his father, and Joe Biden obliged him to host them in the Vice President's residence and the White House.

Hunter Biden
AFP via Getty Images

Third, these The practice was Biden's four-year government suspension that continued during Joe. Hunter Biden personally bragged in preparation for the 2018 and 2020 campaigns. "Speaking important to me, he [Joe] works in a way that makes it part of his platform." Biden's family has foreign ventures, including multiple deals with the Chinese Communist Party. I targeted more and more.

Fourth, Bidens was paid hundreds of thousands (if not millions), even though they did not perform any recognizable work. Joe's brother James boasted to domestic and foreign business partners that Joe would become president and be rewarded with profits and US government approval. A US bank has flagged suspicious transactions involving James and Hunter Biden and submitted more than 150 suspicious activity reports to the Treasury.

Finally, contrary to the statement that Joe Biden never told hunters about foreign commerce, his peers are well aware of his family's commerce and are dominant. It states that it is influencing the infringement of status. There is evidence that a direct amount of money from a foreigner has been set aside for the "Big Guy" that witnesses have identified as Joe Biden. This raises serious questions about our national security and the role that foreigners were allowed to play when he was the Vice President.

I found some answers, but many questions remain. In November, what information will Americans get from the collusion media, such as who is making policy decisions in this country, who is making policy decisions for the benefit of whom, and so on. Decide whether to accept being told 106}. The Republican majority is committed to revealing the fact that the Democratic Party, Big Tech , and the Legacy media have suppressed .

Kevin McCarthy is the Republican leader of the House, Jim Jordan is a member of the House Judiciary Committee, and James Comer is a ranking member of the House Director.