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We are taking great risks — TikTok jeopardizes US business

As the person who reported the story of TikTok during the decline of the Trump administration, I confess that I had some skepticism about the former president and his beliefs. Have to. People who say that theshort video app, popular with teens, was actually the stealth tool that Communist Chinese used to spy on Americans.

No more.

Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Brendan Carr sees the worst fears of Trump and his national security team's app and how Chinauses it. Collect data about American citizensto spy on us who attacked me with some revelations that look like.

In 2020, Trump wanted to ban TikTok, so of course President Biden reversed the course. But if Sleepy Joe cares about China's threat to our national security, he puts Trump's Animas aside and can be caused by something that could inhale the life of social media. You need to hear what Carr says about dangerfrom unprotected people for malicious purposes.

Again, I was skeptical. What can Chinese people do with the information gathered from dance videos and comedy sketches? Carr first pointed out to me that TikTok is more than just a regular app, it's the most popular in the world. The TikTok logo has become ubiquitous at American sporting events, from the Yankees match to the MSG during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Brendan Carr
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With 1 billion monthly active users, collect a large amount of data doing. Like all our "free" social media platforms, TikTok sucks a lot of information from users and makes money. As a result, we are getting so many online targeted ads based on our search history.

Cars appointed by Trump to the FCC show a very compelling example that, unlike the big tech companies in the United States, profits aren't the only motivator for TikTok's business model. ..

From search to download to what the app touches, all this user data is supplied to the CCP's surveillance nation, which is trying to replace our advantage as a leader in the world economy. He believes there is.

CCP Answers

As you can see, TikTok is owned by a Chinese holding company calledByteDancewith executives and board members of the US tech giant. Unlike, management is not a high priority. Serve the interests of shareholders. It answers the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and, ultimately, its power-hungry Supreme Leader Xi Jinping.

There is almost no background for China Inc. It doesn't matter how many US investors are involved in Chinese companies (ByteDance has a large investment in US private equity and VCs). Commissar really runs the show.

A good example is Alibaba, the equivalent of the Amazon in China. The company's founder, Jack Marr, has received a great deal of interest from U.S. investors for the 2014 IPO, which was listed on the New York Stock Exchange as one of the most popular listings in recent history. ..

But for all US fanfare, the Commissar never loosened their grip on Alibaba and Ma himself. The IPO disclosure document said as well, warning that the Chinese government "has significant control over China's economic growth." We offer preferential treatment to specific industries and companies.

After the public offering, the horse will become one of the wealthiest people in the world, worth about $ 26 billion, and publicly say that it will offend Chinese authoritarian rulers. Became a philanthropist and activist who tended.

He also had the same fate as others beyond his business partners at the Politburo and suddenly disappeared without explanation. He has been the subject of contempt and ridicule in China's state media and has been the target of Chinese regulatory agencies.

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Maybe he is one of the country's infamous Gulags Or maybe he was re-educated under such awkward conditions. In any case, now that Ma has been discovered, he keeps his mouth closed.

Again, because ByteDance is not a public company, there is no regulatory obligation to provide any specific legal disclosure of the Commissar's role in its business.

Based on official statements by TikTok officials, its role will appear to be minimal. The server was secure. Team Biden seems to have purchased a description of ByteDance.

It does not reassure many GOPers of national security and telecommunications equipment. A longtime telecommunications lawyer and policy expert, Carr continued to look for ways to conquer the company. His worst horror has recently received some confirmation in a report from BuzzFeed News, which has obtained records showing how China exists throughout TikTok's US user information.

"Everything can be seen in China," explained one TikTok official.

"Security Standard"

Oddly enough, TikTok didn't actually deny the report. "... We hire experts in their respective fields to continually validate security standards and invite trusted and independent third parties to test our defenses," a spokeswoman said frankly. rice field.

Joe Biden
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A spokeswoman called me for comments. Did not return the email.

Carr created Google and Apple and demanded that they stop carrying TikTok in the app store. A hearing may be held once the Republicans regain control of Congress.

Meanwhile, Kerr also wants to prevent Sleepy Joe from intervening and believing that it is China's explicit data theft before it's too late. Data breach.