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"Wendy Williams Show" site removed social media after cancellation

The "Wendy Williams Show" may be trying to remove the talk show from the worldwide web. The

official series YouTube pages, Instagram accounts, and websites appear to have been removed after the show was cancelled.

Eagle Eye fans noticed that the page was down on the weekend. On Instagram, the handle feed said "Sorry, this page is not available".

I can't find either the website or the video channel.

The post asked the person in charge of the "Wendy Williams Show" for comment. Thefinal episode of the

chat seriesaired on June 17th and ended after 13 years of airing.

But Wendy Williams himself didn't seem to say goodbye. Various guest hosts such as Michael Rapaport, Sheri Shepherd and Leah Remini have taken over the hosting business in the last few months.

Shepherd, 55, will hosthis own talk showand will be responsible for Williams' slots. "Sherry" will be premiered on September 12th.

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"Like a Thinking Man" Star 57-year-old suffers from lymphoedema Suffering, I noticed last month that her legs had only a"maybe 5%"sensation.

She explained that whilewas talking to TMZat the time, she showed off her swollen legs and her condition worsened after leaving her talk show.

"Can you see this? [My feet] are up and down. You can only feel 5% of your feet." She doesn't need a wheelchair and can "stand up" herself. I added.

Lymphatic edemais caused by obstruction of the lymphatic system, causing swelling of specific parts of the arms and legs.

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Williams also ponders her start A podcast that told the outlet that he was there.

"Podcasts can make more money by becoming more famous than the " Wendy Williams Show ". In other words, it's a podcast. Where are you going? do not know. Europe? France? Wherever I want to go, "she said.

"I was 100% retired at the Wendy Williams Show," she added. "I don't want to appear on TV except for guest hosting. I love Whoopi Goldberg and I love " The View ". I love those girls. It's an hour and two hours, but I don't want to be a partnership. Maybe not. Do not know. "