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West Village is epicenter of rising NYC crime: NYPD data

West Village is New York's most fashionable neighborhood this year.

Celebrity-dense neighborhoods of Tony Brownstones, luxury boutiques and jazz clubshave been hit by a plague of thefts and robberies— Suffering the largest increase in crime of any section Because I am. The Big Apple's new NYPD data for 2022 so far shows.

By mid-August, crime had surged by 80% in the NYPD's Sixth Precinct, which covers both West and Greenwich Villages. Data show a 103% increase in major thefts and shoplifting.

Residents and workers are fed up.

"Things are definitely getting worse," Joe Abbas, owner of his Bazaar at Sixth Avenue Village, told the Post on Wednesday.

The NYPD’s 6th Precinct has seen crime spike 83% so far this year.
Helayne Seidman for NY Post

“Shoplifters are always there. There are police everywhere.”

Data show that the Sixth Precinct, home to celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Lawrence, will have a There were 1,380 serious crimes in 2022, compared with 766 during the same period.

Much of that crime wave has been attributed to a huge number of large-scale thefts, including shoplifting. So far this year he has 802, compared to 394 recorded in the same period last year, a 103% increase according to the figures.

To ward off thieves, the store must use tactics more common in New York's crime-ridden neighborhoods, said Anisha Gale, an employee at Karma Nepal Crafts on Bleecker Street. It is said that there was

Anisha Ghale, an employee at Karma Nepal Crafts on Bleeker Street, said criminals are becoming "fearless" and strike again even if they were previously arrested.
Robert Miller for NY Post

Tape underneath to use entire tray ”he said Ghale. ``We have tape under the tray so it will take longer to steal.

"For example, if you say, 'I'll call 911,' they don't care. can do whatever they want,” he says. It doesn't matter." Even if the police come, they take him away, and after two or three weeks, he repeats the same thing.

Meanwhile, 6th Precinct robberies have increased by 119% this year to 272 compared to 124 at this time last year.

An armed robber at Highline Convenience store in the 6th Precinct on June 21, 2022.

Several major crimes have taken place, and this year he has 10 rapes were reported. Last year he had 7 murders, in 2022 he had 2 murders, and in 2021 he had 0. The only bright spot is that there have been no shootings at the precinct so far this year and violent assaults have dropped by nearly 4%.

Some blame bail reform for this disturbing increase in theft and crime in general — the new rules allow nearly all suspected thieves to pay bail or no bail. Released.

"This whole bail system must be abolished," argued Kevin Jackson, general manager of the Johns of Bleecker Street pizzeria.

"Our biggest problem is the homeless harassing customers with outdoor dining...some of them with weapons." About four months ago a knife was pulled.It's a dangerous situation."

"I don't even call [the police] anymore. Just try to get rid of them and they give you a hard time. I basically just keep them away from customers."

La Vid Wine & Lobsang Tsering, an employee at Spirits, told the Post that he once called the police on a homeless man.

"Sometimes homeless people come in and sit here, not wanting to get out," Tsering said. “A homeless man said, ‘I want to go to jail, call the police.’ Two days later, he was back. Other neighborhoods in the region have similarly grim crime data for 2022. For example, the 44th Precinct of the Bronx had 2,238 serious crimes this year, compared to 1,518 in 2021, with a 47.4 % increased.

Still, the Sixth Precinct isn't the only upmarket area in Manhattan to see a sharp rise in crime.

Kevin Jackson, the General Manager of John’s of Bleecker Street, blamed bail reform for the area's crime surge.
Robert Miller for NY Post

Usually low crime precinct No. 1, covering financial crimes.

Major crimes around Wall Street rose to 1,152, compared with 696 during the same period last year.

"Criminals now know they can get into the high price range and have no repercussions." Now they can go to Precinct 6, Precinct 1, which has tourists, and it's like being in a more crime-ridden district," a veteran Manhattan cop told The Post. .

"Why rob someone there when you can rob someone who is rich and has no consequences?"

10 NYPD commands south of 59th Street — Known as Patrol Borough Manhattan South — saw a massive 51% increase in felony crime, withcity-wide serious crimes jumping 36% overall figures by the same time in 2021. shows.

In Chelsea, overseen by the NYPD's 10th Precinct, serious crime has increased by nearly 39%. This is a few percentage points higher than the current citywide rate.

Data show 418 large-scale thefts in the region , up 48% from 282 last year to 418 reported so far this year.

``The captain of the local precinct seems to be listening, but he seems to tell the same story every time.

"So there doesn't seem to be much they can do."