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"Westworld" juggles its fragments again, but cannot escape its own dense maze.

(CNN)"Westworld"is back and some familiar with unfamiliar roles The third season, featuring a face with a sword, creatively set sail from the rails. There's certainly an intellectual life out there that wants to know where this goes, but at this point the problem of not being able to follow the series through its complex maze is simply as if it's worth a try. It doesn't mean that you don't feel it.

The HBO drama, which looks more prominently futuristic with its design (a by-product of escaping the original adult amusement park setting), was reinforced by James Marsden and was truly excellent. We're still proud of our assortment of actors, and back, we're back with new Oscar winners Ariana Devose and Daniel Wu.

But again, they operate primarily on parallel tracks, producing random violence without many clear signs of where this train is heading. increase. And while the long course of theseasoncertainly didn't help, it's not easy to see that a more accelerated schedule fixes a bug in the system.

The most promising threads include the Rebel A.I. Mave (Thandiwe Newton) reunites with Caleb (Aaron Paul) and starts a mission together. Their path intersects the villainous and ruthless William (Ed Harris), who pursues his own shadow plans. Stalwarts like

Evan Rachel Woodand Jeffrey Wright are back, but it's hard to focus on their story through the four episodes, and "Westworld" It just cultivates a sense of being built. As one program about three. There is little suspicion that the goodwill and confidence that the producer has created in the past has diminished the belief that he is playing 6D chess and that he is spending a lot of HBO on how to crash everything. It is increasing. Elaborate jigsaw puzzle money. (Like CNN, HBO is a unit of Warner Bros. Discovery.)

Bringing Michael Crichton's original concept to mind and showing viewers these abuses "West" Given the first praise of "World", this series of synthetic creatures in their eyes is so much attention that it cannot be completely ignored.

Still, I've spent half of this eight-episode season faithfully, so at least for skeptics, the feeling of being able to combine the work well feels asked and answered. ..

At one point, Mave makes a dark and painful reference to the oncoming battle, saying, "Dispose and dismantle, as in the good old days."

Unfortunately, that's exactly what the "good old days" are, no matter how much you play with the wiring, except for the ones most invested in making "Westworld" meaningful. Looks like. Come back.

"Westworld" will start its fourth season on June 26th at 9pm. HBO's ET.