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What does punching mean in the UK? Luke's 'Love Island' meltdown explained

When you're stranded on Love Island like the Season 8 cast, sometimes you have nothing to talk about. Consider punching, for example. In Episode 57 of Love Island Season 8, which just dropped on Hulu, the islanders are obsessed with who punches and who doesn't. half an hour.

So what do we get? Seriously — what the heck are you punching, what are you talking about throwing punches, why was Luca so pulled out?

What does punch mean in the UK?

In British slang, "punching" stands for "punching over one's weight." Sure, it's a phrase you've heard in America, but the British use it as a shorthand to mean that someone is dating outside their league. The British say "beat" and the Americans say "out of their league."

Love Island UK 8 - Luca mad about punching
Photo: Hulu

This is why Luka, the most stubborn and proud hottie in the villa, was completely taken aback. is. When Paige suggested that he was punching above his weight by bonding with Gemma. Instead of agreeing with this statement — Luca should agree that his pseudo-GF is hotter than him — like any reasonable person would, he should A big piss and turn around for Paige. Paige does something perfectly normal and agrees that yeah, she's punching with Adam. She reveals that she has a much better personality, and Adam agrees.

Paige is quick to make excuses because this whole argument is so ridiculous. It's then revealed that Luca's pride will never allow him to admit anyone hotter than him, even the woman he's dating. A discussion continues poolside, to which Luca replies, "Don't be silly." Class act right there! He's prettier and smarter than you, Gemma!

Love Island UK 8 - Paige saying punching
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Easy for Luke to compliment a woman The discussion goes nowhere because He stays with and uses it to insult her instead. And if you think the latest episode of his Love Island UK has improved things for Luka and Gemma, think again!These two always choose chaos before choosing each other.

Love Island Season 8's season finale premieres on Hulu on Tuesday, August 16th.