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The future of travelers for "air maged don" on July 4th

Travelers are an airline as the United States prepares for what some of the industry calls "Air Magedon." Prepare for the possibility of meltdown in. Checkpoints for airports, security and customs, not to mention hotels and hotel services.

AAA predicts that approximately 42 million Americans will travel by car over 50 miles.

But the real crisis: 3.5 million people are expected to fly this holiday weekend. Airfares are on average 14% higher, quadrupled in some markets. And hotel prices have risen by a whopping 23% since 2021.

And all this is delayed and canceled by major airlines and travel stakeholdersdelays and cancellationsThe airline has accused theFederal Aviation Authorityof delays, and the FAA claims that the airline is flying on a schedule that it cannot physically support {30. } Pilots accuse the airlineof claiming increased workload and flight time may be a safety issue, and passenger complaints against the airline in 2019 Compared to 300%, the US Department of Transportation is considering an emergency rule-making option.

Heathrow and Gatwick in London have canceled their flights preemptively, and government officials are considering introducing soaring prices on flights scheduled to operate during peak hours. 

Travelers at Skipole Airport in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Dublin have experienced hours of routes, thousands of flight cancellations and thousands of lost or lost bags. 

In the United States, DOT reports that airlines have lost or mishandled 21% more bags than last year. 

Earlier this week, Delta issued an unprecedented July 4th weekend "Airwave" to its customers because of "operational challenges". The airline has acknowledged that there may be problems with schedule support. This means that in the next four days, we have admitted that we do not have enough pilots, flight attendants, baggage handlers, and other employees to staff all scheduled flights . We encourage travelers to rebook on other flights or on other days without incurring any charges or penalties. The airline basically asked passengers not to fly. So far, no other US airline can match that exemption.

Many US airlines continue to blame the staffing of the Air Traffic Control Center, which is an employee of the Federal Aviation Authority. However, the US Department of Transportation states that most of the airline delays have nothing to do with center staffing. The airline also parks dozens of 50-seat regional jets. This is because there are no pilots to fly them. Also, at current fuel prices, flight operations are unprofitable. Translation: In US secondary market cities, such as Isaka in New York and Toledo in Ohio, airline services will be significantly or even totally reduced by Worker's Day.

In the United States, DOT is considering financially impacting airlines that publish unrealistic flight schedules. Rules can indicate that an airline can support a flight with the appropriate staff assignments before the flight schedule is allowed. .. They are also discussing billing airlines to schedule flights during peak hours of 8 am or 5 pm. This is known as the congestion fee. 12:00 am due to less delay on night flights.

However, while airlines are canceling flights and reducing their frequency, Amtrack is a bright spot for travel, increasing the number of passengers switching to trains for short and medium distance trips. As it gets added to the schedule, it makes the train run more often. AAA reports the total number of Americans expected to drive this weekend, but does not predict how many will be in each car. The number is also increasing as the cost of airfare has risen dramatically again. Not only is it crowded on the road, but it is also crowded with cars.

Second Hope Light: Future airline, hotel and resort bookings after September 15th have fallen off the cliff. One of the reasons is seasonality. The children return to school and the parents return to work. However, the high cost of travel in the summer of 2022 can mean that for many Americans, when September rolls, they will travel for the rest of the year. For those looking for better airfare and more seats available for frequent flyer awards, bookings from September to December 15th may be more affordable.

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