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What is Victoria's Secret? Bomb Perfume Repels Mosquitoes

Angels have wings, but do you know what else they do? Mosquitoes.

Victoria's Secret has spent years convincing women that a hot pink shop is their ticket to beauty. It contained a size zero and nothing less than 6 feet.

The newly released documentary series,Victoria's Secret: Angels and DemonsIt explores the truth of dark lingerie and reveals that VS Angel's dream was something else entirely.

Instead, the empire ofVictoria's Secret turned out to be a nasty and disturbing substance. And do you know what else is uncomfortable and disturbing? You guessed it, mosquitoes.

In a series of surprising events, the luxury brand, once hailed in pink and black Bombshell bras, has changed tomosquito repellent. It's getting attention. No, VS doesn't sell glitter bottles of bug spray (but if they did, I'd probably buy them). Instead, TikTok users are reaching forVictoria's Secret Bombshellsfragrances.

It all started when TikTok user @absolute.lm posted a short video on his July 2nd.

"TikTok content, referring to a 2015 study in Victoria's Secret Amber Romance and Bombshell The Journal of Insect ScienceThe creator said .

That might seem a little off the mark, but she's not wrong—at least not when it comes to bomb scent.

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Victoria's Secret bombshell perfume
Victoria's Secret

"Victoria's Secret Bombshell (FragranceType: Fruity Floral Notes: Purple Passion Fruit, Shangri-La Peony, Vanilla Orchid [2015] ) It has been shown to be a potent repellent that lasts for more than 120 minutes.

This study found that the concentrations of the perfumes tested were "quite high, with lower concentrations of the same scent having different effects."

Victoria's Secret amber rose perfume
Victoria's Secret

I didn't see any mention of an Amber romance mentioned in the study, but perhaps it's worth a shot. Either way, it smells divine.

So, does theVictoria's Secret Bombshell actually keep mosquitoes away?

With that said, we don't recommend throwing away bottles of PARA'KITO Mosquito Bracelet because they are DEET-based sprays. Instead, properly protect yourself from pests and spray Yummy SmellsVS Fragrancesseparately.

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