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What Mets gains from expensive and futuristic pitching machines

Pete Alonso, Trajekt pitching machine
Corey Sipkin; Photo courtesy of Trajekt

Mets The expensive new toys are assembled and operable, providing the batter with another tool for the edge at all times.

During the team's West Coast trip in early June, ahigh-tech pitching machine arrived at Citi Field, allowing batters to program on a particular pitcher. The machine responds by mimicking the pitcher's delivery and spin rate.

"I started using it, and it's great," said Brandon Nimmo. "The interesting thing is to know how much information you can get from real life that you can't get from video, but it's great to be able to get into the routine and rhythm of any windup. That's what the stretch is.

"It's very helpful to see what every spin looks like, like a breaking ball or a fastball. Go out and play a big league pitcher. It's not a hit, but it's pretty close, it's a tool we've definitely used, and we'll continue to use it to work on our routines. "