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What to see from Joe Biden's trip to the G7

Telfs-Buchen (CNN), AustriaPresident Joe Bidenmay be abroad in the Bavarian Alps But the political division and sour mood he left behind will be hard to ignore when he starts this year's Group 7 Summit.

The rising costs, partly caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, will be central to Sunday's agenda. Spikes are politically sacrificing each.

It may prove a challenging task. Russia's energy ban has contributed to rising global oil prices, but leaders are reluctant to ease sanctions they believe are affecting Russia's President Vladimirputin's economy. .. One of the areas in which they are expected to take action is to ban the import of new Russian gold.

At the same time, Biden continues to face fallout from Friday's rulingfundamentally changing women's right to abortion in the United States, this decision19} A leader blamed by some of his fellow worlds.

The ruling sharply relieves the disruption of American politics and institutions that has served as a worrying subtext for leaders observing Biden's attempt to regain American leadership. did.

Here are some notable points at the G7 Summit on Sunday:

Finding Balance

Biden and his fellow G7 leaders discuss how to punish Russia on the first day of Sunday's meeting in the Bavarian Alps It still manages a stable world economy. According to White House officials, the conversation will produce some announcements and "muscle movements."

"The big focus of the G7 and its leaders is not only how to manage the challenges of the world economy as a result of Mr Putin's war, but also to hold Mr Putin responsible and what he is doing. Make sure you are exposed to the costs and consequences of. "

Leaders have agreed to announce a new gold import ban from Russia, Biden said on Twitter on Sunday morning. Gold is Russia's second largest export after energy.

"This is an important export, an important source of income and an important alternative to Russia in terms of its ability to trade in the global financial system. You will lose your ability, "says senior management. The official said.

Biden's first involvement on Sunday was a bilateral meeting with the organizer of the summit,German Chancellor Olaf Scholz,followed by global economic problems exacerbated by the Ukrainian War. The G7 session will begin with a focus on. ..

"I think the leaders are looking for ways to do two things, one is to keep Mr Putin accountable, and his for him and his economy. To increase the cost and consequences of the war, "Kirby said. .. "And the second is to minimize the impact of these soaring oil prices and the way he uses energy as a weapon in countries, especially on the continent, but around the world."

This balance defines this year's G7. Leaders are to maintain a pressure campaign on Putin while facing rising inflation, which is causing a political burden on some leaders.

Biden has overcome some of the toughest hits as he sees his approval rate fall as prices rise.

"There may be increasing pressure on U.S. politics in the sense that some of the primaries we have already seen say I don't care about Ukraine. Living expenses are important, "European officials said prior to this week's trip. "And if the president bounces off polls for his leadership in Ukraine, it will dissipate very quickly, so it will have an effect."

Hometown Biden's division

On Friday, Biden deprived the country of the right to abortion, and a conservative majority of the Supreme Court "made the United States out of the world's developed nations." Declared. ..

Two days later, he meets the leaders of these countries in the Bavarian Alps, leaving a rapidly dividing country.

The White House does not believe that the rulings and fractures that are currently dividing the United States will influence Biden's debate.

"There is a real national security issue to discuss here, and the President is not at all worried that the Supreme Court's decision will remove it altogether," Kirby said. Said.

Still, four of Biden's six fellow leaders in Germany found that rule was monumental enough to weigh themselves. I did.

"I have to tell you, I think it's a big setback," said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said this was a "catastrophic setback." French President Emmanuel Macron and Schortz were also critical.

It is not yet known if the decision will appear in Biden's personal debate. But the radically changed and divided nation he left behind never gets out of his mind, as he represents it on the world stage.

Challenge to China

At last year's G7 summit on the Cornish coast of England, Biden accused his fellow leaders of China's human rights violations. Pressured to insert harsh new words into the final communiqué. Up to the document, the group had occasional heated conversations in a closed room about a collective approach to China.

This topic can lead to confusing conversations, as some European leaders do not necessarily share Biden's view of China as an existential threat. Still, the president has repeatedly revealed that he wants to convince his fellow leaders to take a stricter policy. And Russia's invasion of Ukraine amplified the frequently-spoken warnings of dictatorship and democratic presidents.

On Sunday afternoon, Biden, along with other leaders, will announce an infrastructure investment program for low- and middle-income countries designed to compete with China's Belt and Road Initiative.

Beijing has invested billions of dollars in the construction of roads, railroads and ports around the world to build new trade and diplomatic relations. Biden has marketed a similar program in the past, calling it Build BackBetter World.

But the name is clearly retired, so the White House is renewing its efforts in Germany.