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What we know about shooting at Highland Park

Details about the sixth victim remain unknown.

Suspect, 22-year-old Robert E. Climo III was detained by police near Lake Forest, Illinois, after a short car chase. He was unharmed.

Evidence of firearms was found on the roof of a company near the shooting, Highland Park police commander Chris O'Neil said Monday. The shooters used ladders attached to the walls of the building from the alleys to access the roof, said Christopher Coveri, a spokesman for the Lake County's Major Crime Task Force.

According to data compiled by the non-profit Gun Violence Archive, more than 300 mass shootings occurred within 200 days, including the murder of a racist in Buffalo, NY. Did. Ten people were killed and 19 young students and two teachers were slaughtered at a school in Uvalde, Texas.

Here's what we know about the deadly attacks in Illinois so far: Time along the parade route on Central Avenue in town.

Police say the suspect got on the roof of the building and launched an attack with a "powerful rifle" about 20 minutes after the procession began. Some bystanders said they initially thought the gunshots were from fireworks.

But soon, the crowd escaped from the scene and left behind their belongings. A mish mash of chairs, strollers, and other signs of the American flag on July 4th.

Finally, after witnesses described it as a desperate and chaotic competition for safety, a total of 26 patients, according to Dr. Brigham Temple, Medical Director of the North Shore University Health System. Accepted by Highland Park Hospital.

Temple said 19 of the 25 gunshot victims had been discharged.


More details about the people killed during the attack continue to be revealed.

Jackie Sandheim was identified as one of the six victims in a statement released by her synagogue.

North Shore Congregation Israel in Glencoe, Illinois said Sandheim was a lifelong congregation and a member of staff who worked as a kindergarten teacher and event coordinator.

"There are not enough words to describe the depth of our sorrow for Jackie's death and our sympathy for her family and her loved ones," the statement said. "We know that you will participate in the deepest prayers that Jackie's soul will be trapped in a shelter on the wings of God and that her family will manage to find comfort and comfort in this endless sorrow.

The death of Nicholas Toledo (78) was confirmed by Mexican authorities on Tuesday. He is the father of eight children, six of whom live in the United States. One of Toledo's children, like the other two families, was injured in the shooting.

One of Toledo's granddaughters, Kimberly Langer, told CNN-affiliated WBBM that her grandfather loves fishing, painting and walking with his family in the park. Told.

Another grandson, Xochil Toledo, launched a validated GoFundMe and all donations went to "medical and funeral expenses."

New information about the suspect's firearms, his weapons, and online activities

Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotelling was used by reporters by the suspect. He said the firearms were legally purchased.

"That said, if you can have a weekly mass shooting with a legally purchased gun, you need to talk about why those laws protect people as they should be. I think there is. I am protecting it. "

Rotelling was also a pack leader during the Cub Scout era, so he knew who was supposed to be the shooter when "he was just a little boy, a quiet little boy." Said that.

Recently, Kurimo, who calls himself "Awakening the Rapper," seems to have posted a series of online music videos featuring ominous lyrics and animated scenes of gun violence.

In one clip, Klimo is seen with colorful hair and facial tattoos, saying, "I need to do that. That's my destiny." The video shows a cartoon animation of a stickman shooter (similar to the appearance of a klimo) in tactical gear that performs an attack with a rifle.

In the video titled "Toy Soldier," another stickman cartoon character resembling a klimo lays down on the floor of his blood pool surrounded by police officers who pulled guns. The state of lying down is drawn. In another video from September 24, 2021, Climo III sits in a classroom-like set, wears a helmet and poses in different scenes, backed by an instrumental arrangement of "When Johnny Comes March." Played on the ground.

The video seems to have been posted online last year.

After Kurimo was nominated for a mass shooting that killed at least six people, his Facebook and Twitter accounts were removed.

Klimo said he lived in an apartment behind his father's house in Highwood, Illinois, and his uncle Paul Klimo also lived in the house.

"I'm broken heart. I'm very broken heart," said Paul Climo. "There were no signs of making him do this."

He said he had never seen his nephew behave violently or worried about his actions. ..

Paul Crimo described the suspect as active on YouTube, but said he was unaware of his nephew's political views.

"He's a quiet kid," said Paul Climo. "He's usually alone. He's a lonely and quiet person. He keeps everything to himself."

According to his uncle, Bobby Climo is a coronavirus pandemic. He worked for Panera Bread before, but as far as he knows, he isn't currently working.

Paul Crimo also explained the discussion with the FBI on Monday afternoon. Law enforcement officers arrived at Highwood's house and, with the permission of the suspect's father, Robert Climo Jr., investigated using the striking device on the door.

Kurimo Jr., confirmed by his brother, had previously run for mayor.

"We are good people here and having this is devastating," said Paul Climo. "It hurts all the families who lost their lives"

Political leaders say

President Joe Biden has a holiday on Monday, July 4th. It started and sounded hopeful notes about the future of the country. But shortly thereafter, the gun massacre on the outskirts of Chicago prompted another statement and a promise of federal aid and resources to the area.

"Jill and I were shocked by the meaningless gun violence that once again brought sadness to the American community on this Independence Day," Biden said. It stormed federal law enforcement agencies. " Look for a shooter. (At that time, the suspect had not been detained yet.)

"But there's still a lot to do. I'm not going to give up fighting the epidemic of gun violence," he adds. rice field.

Later that day, speaking from the White House, Biden advertised a recently passed bipartisan gun safety law.

"I signed the real gun safety law for the first time in 30 years before leaving for Europe," he said. "The situation will be better, but we have to work harder together. You all heard what happened. What happened today is about our democracy every day. Reminds us that nothing is guaranteed and nothing is guaranteed about our way. Life-You fight for it, defend it, and win it by voting, refine it, We must expand America's call to evolve and move forward boldly and fearlessly. "

But the president said the bill signed within two weeks would make a difference on Monday. After being asked if he was born, he blamed him.

"We don't know the situation yet," Biden said.

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker said he spoke on Monday night and spoke with Biden.

"If you're angry today, I'm here to say you're angry. I'm angry," Democrat Pritzker said on Monday. "I'm furious that gun violence has taken more innocent lives. I'm furious that their loved ones are forever destroyed by what happened today." Two US Senators in the

state also dealt with the shooting. Senate Democratic Party's second-highest-ranked Dick Durbin demanded stricter gun control legislation.

"There is no reason for a person to own a military assault weapon, which is of no value to hunting, sports, or even self-defense," he said. "It's a killing machine."

Democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth also mourned the murdered people and promised to direct as much federal resources as she could to the community.

"This morning I woke up like most Americans, like a family of six killed. To celebrate the pursuit of life, freedom, and happiness. These six families No longer has that opportunity, "Duckworth said.

Shooting scene from the perspective of the doctor and the hospital's top executives there

Dr. David Baum, a local obstetrician who treated the victims in the field, said "The people who were killed were killed instantly," CNN said.

Baum said he waited about a minute to confirm that the gunshots had stopped and then jumped in to take care of the victims on the scene.

"The people who left were blown up by the shootout-bombed," Baum said. "The horrifying sight of some bodies is indescribable."

He added: You don't have to look at it to understand the problems in this country.

Two doctors from the North Shore University Health System also told reporters about the treatment of patients at Highland Park Hospital.

"There are a lot of things happening in the United States, which are obviously happening right now in the immediate vicinity of my house. It's a bit unrealistic to have to take care of such an event. , We all have extensive training, "said Temple, the medical director of the system.

Surgeon Dr. Mark Taramonti He praised the hospital's trauma surgeon's "heroic efforts" for the healthcare system, but called Monday a "severe day."

"There are a lot of emotions, but these trauma surgeons, their reflexes are extraordinary. They know exactly what to do," Taramonti said. But seeing innocent people injured in nature hurt your heart.