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What you see in this photo shows if you're good at giving advice.

Optical illusion is a fun personality test that some psychologists use to understand how the human brain works. You can even say that.

An illusion may be able to determine if a person is good at giving advice.

This particular image looks different from person to person.

Some viewers see a woman staring at you, while others see a man playing a saxophone.

Advice is provided from the right or left side of the brain. In other words, the type of advice depends on the part of the brain that you use most.

When you see a woman's face in this illusion, you are the right brain.

People in the right brain tend to be more creative and have a higher level of emotional intelligence.

It is also very intuitive and can give advice based on the sensation of the intestine.

People in the right brain are also imaginative and can think and see some results before they happen.

If you are the right brain, you may give advice based on emotional and intestinal reactions.

When you see a man playing a saxophone, you are a left-brain thinker.

Left-brain thinkers are far less analytical and intuitive.

They tend to give more thoughtful and rational advice.

If you are a left-brain thinker, you may give advice based on a logical and systematic system of thinking about results.

Psychologists and psychiatrists often use these brain teasers to get into the patient's mind and judge their thinking. Which image is displayed in


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