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‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestants screw up ‘Star Wars’ show

Pat Sajak felt a great disturbance in the force on a special “Star Wars”-themed “Wheel of Fortune” Tuesday night.

Contestants were light-years away from solving a rather self-explanatory puzzle in the category of “fun and games” during the Galactic Celebration episode.

Word smithers Christopher, Kate and Adura all lacked the wisdom of Master Yoda when it came time to guess the proper response of “camping outside a movie theater” — despite almost every word in the puzzle being nearly spelled out already, according to The Sun.

Audra — sporting a bounty hunter style jacket — wrongly guessed it as “gaming outside the movie theater” in a bigger tragedy than that of Darth Plagueis the Wise.

“What an interesting group,” Sajak said during the new, hopeless episode.

Eventually, it was the Princess Leia bun-wearing Kate who brought balance to the force by correctly solving the puzzle.

A "Star Wars" episode of "Wheel of Fortune" turned awry during a missed clue.
Contestants got blasted online when they couldn't figure out an easy puzzle on "Wheel of Fortune."

Regardless, the Internet blasted Audra for missing a mark wider than Beggar’s Canyon.

“Adura is having one of those episodes. Not in a good way,” wrote @kris_m_jordan.

“‘Gaming outside the movie theater’? C’mon son,” added @Updawg21.

In addition to blowing up the Death Star size, five-word puzzle, Kate — who dragged her friends to the filming location from “Attack of The Clones” in Italy where Anakin and Padme secretly wed — was also revered online for her Carrie Fisher-esque appearance.

Many were charmed by contestant Kate's Carrie Fisher-like looks.

“I would get on all fours and bark like a dog for this woman,” @RageWagon wrote.

“I like Kate’s energy,” @realdealAneil posted.

“The little star wars girl on wheel of fortune is so cute rn,” tweeted @eighthhoekage.