Wow. This is a review of my one word from last week'sThe Boyssensational episode. I heard a grunt that "Hero Gasm" was an incredible episode, but I wasn't ready ... either. There's no spoiler for this intro, but it would be very interesting to see the fallout from the Instagram live speech of Starlight (Erin Moriarty)'s scorched earth operation.

BoysFans have good news and bad news. Good news? Within 24 hours of the penultimate episode of Season 3 ("Candles come here to illuminate you in bed"). Bad news? It'sweeksfrom the season finale. If you're looking for additional content, you'll find The After ShowSuperhero Club: The Boys After Show Editionon the Prime Video YouTube page for all the madness of the previous episode. I'm getting it back.

Exactly whenThe BoysSeason 3, Episode 7 will debut on Amazon? Everything you need to know is here. How many episodes are there in Season 3 of the

Boys? The third season of

The Boysconsists of eight episodes, usually on Thursday night / Friday morning on Prime Video.

BoysWhat time is Season 3, Episode 7 on Amazon?

Prime Video New episodes of the show typically drop into streaming services at 12:00 AM GMT. In other words, you may be able to watch episode 7 ofThe Boysas soon as possible. 20:00. ET (5:00 p.m. PT) on Thursday, June 30th. Season 3, episode 4 was delayed, probably due to technical issues, and used the term "most likely". Episode 7should be premiered atat normal times.

WhenBoysSeason 3, Episode 8 will arrive at Amazon?