This summer's night certainly  entertained us greatly. . The news that Olivia Newton-John passed away at just 73 still feels fresh, but it would be wrong to miss out on celebrating her life and not just the bops she gave us. "Let's Get Physical" and "You're The One That I Want" But in the movies we grew up with, we loved her.

Musical Greasewhere she goes to the same school as Danny Suko (played by John Travolta), whom she fell in love with during her summer. became. Despite being polar opposites of the clan, the two sing through their differences and eventually realize they want each other. And if there's anything to take from classic movies (apart from haunting tunes), it's that women actually invented leather pants. Well, tell me about it, stud. But seriously, you can stream here (and stream and stream again) Grease:

Where can you stream Grease? Can I stream Grease?

With a Paramount+ subscription, you can always watch Newton John, Travolta, and other Pink Ladies/T-Birds at this rite of passage. You can keep up with the gangAMC as a subscription. Otherwise, movies are available for rent on Prime Video and Vudu.

Where can I stream Xanadu?

If you can't get enough of Newton-John, see her 1980 musical fantasy where she plays Kira, Check her out on Xanadu. She falls in love with struggling artist Sonny (Michael Beck) and is a muse who encourages him to partner up with Danny (Gene Kelly) to open a nightclub called Xanadu. It's not available for regular streaming, but is available for rent onPrime Video, Vudu and Google Play.