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Who Is Aly Jacobs on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 27?

The Bachelor Season 27 lead Zach Shallcross took his relationship with contestant Aly Jacobs to new heights in Episode 3…literally. 

As noted in our detailed episode recap, the second one-on-one date of Week 3 went to Jacobs, a 26-year-old healthcare strategist from Atlanta, Georgia. After Jacobs received a date card that read “Are you ready to fall in love?” and a white lace bridal jumpsuit, a limo took her to meet Shallcross on a tarmac.

After two were fitted with parachutes and jumped out of a plane, they unwound with a relaxing winery hot tub soak and a romantic dinner. Shallcorss offered Jacobs the one-on-one rose at dinner and she accepted. But the date wasn’t over yet! He surprised her with a private concert from singer Griffen Palmer, too.

After such a romantic date, fans are likely curious about the couple’s connection and wondering how far Jacobs gets into Shallcross’ season. So who is Aly Jacobs on The Bachelor? How long does she last on Season 27?

Here’s everything we know about the contestant.

Who Is Aly Jacobs on The Bachelor Season 27?

When the 26-year-old healthcare strategist exited the limo on Night 1, she walked up to Shallcross, introduced herself, and said, “I’m originally from Houston, but I now live in Atlanta, Georgia. So I’m so excited to meet you!” From what we could see, Jacobs’ entrance was one of the most straightforward introductions the franchise has seen. The meet and greet ended with a hug, and Jacobs clearly left an impression on Night 1 and during Episode 2’s group date that earned her an early one-on-one.

Aly Jacobs on 'The Bachelor'
Photo: ABC

Jacobs’ official Bachelor bio is as follows: “With a beautiful smile and a personality to match, Aly is a Southern sweetheart ready to find love! Aly is a hopeless romantic and has even ended serious relationships because her exes weren’t ready for the real deal. She’s the full package and is as passionate about her work in healthcare as she is about Disneyland. Aly hopes Zach can match her energy and is excited to meet a man who’s ready for marriage. Nothing makes her happier than her goldendoodle named Texas, so hopefully, Zach can handle a little puppy love because these two are a package deal!”

And of course, her bio came with three fun facts (one of which is way more exciting than the others):

  • Aly is a proud collector of porcelain dolls.
  • Aly went to the same high school as Beyoncé. 
  • Aly loves broccolini but hates broccoli. 

If you want to learn more about Jacobs as the season plays out, follow her on Instagram at @thealyjay, where she currently has 3,000 followers.

How Far Does Aly Jacobs Make It On Season 27 of The Bachelor? Reality Steve Weighs In

If you want to avoid major Bachelor spoilers for Zach Shallcross’ Season 27, this is your chance to stop reading. But if you’re curious to know how far Aly Jacobs makes it on the show this season, we’ve got a Reality Steve rumor for you below.

Keep in mind, all information from the Bachelor Nation’s favorite spoiler remains unconfirmed, so ultimately, we’ll have to watch the full season to see how things play out. But according to Reality Steve, Jacobs is eliminated in the sixth or seventh rose ceremony and does not make it to Hometown Dates. Again, we’ll have to wait and see how far Shallcross and Jacobs’ love story last for ourselves.

New episodes of The Bachelor Season 27 premiere on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Episodes are available for next-day streaming on Hulu.