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Why Americans Most Trust Family-owned Local Companies

In the case of family business, Americans are likely to continue to return to business, according to a new study.

OnePoll's CG Roxanesurvey found 2000 adults, more than two-thirds (67%), to trust local businesses, and 64% were family-owned. I answered that I trust the company that I manage.

By comparison, 59% said they trusted multinationals and 61% said they depended on franchises.

"It's no wonder people consider family-owned businesses to be more credible."CGRoxaneOffice&Human ResourcesManager Cindy MillerSouth says West News Service,Adding a small organization also benefits the community.

"But what people may not be aware of is that these companies will be able to make faster decisions depending on the needs of the community. This is a scholarship initiative. Includes environmental and community partnerships, "Mr. Miller explained.

"It not only enriches the lives of employees, but also enriches family and friends at the local level across the country."

Respondents responded to environmental behavior at the time of purchase. 67% said they were engaged in environmentally friendly behaviors and activities, and more than half (51%) said they were deeply concerned about their impact on the environment. The business they support.

OnePoll on behalf of CG Roxane. The survey also asked respondents about their shopping habits and how it impacts their community.
More than two-thirds of Americans like to shop locally.

More than half of the people surveyed are willing to spend more on locally sourced products, and 59% are easy to find them in their area. We agree that there are 60% more likely to buy bottled water from a natural hot spring in the area rather than being trucked from another part of the country.

High cost (35%) and the words "imported" or "internationally procured" were the reasons why people were discouraged from buying certain goods.

Over the past 6 months, 39% of survey respondents are "locally owned", 38% are "environmentally friendly", 37% are "locally procured" and 35% are "family owned" I bought the product of.

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Why people are local families Do you shop or do you own a business?

  • Support my community – 39%
  • My money goes to businesses that need it – 37%
  • Better quality – 34%
  • I Adjusted to regional / needs – 32%
  • Source transparency – 32%
  • Fair treatment of all employees – 31%
  • Reduced middlemen – 31%
  • Consumers Needs are our top priority – 30%