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Why an angry young man turns into a slaughter and turns July 4 into a tragedy

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I woke up on July 4th with the spirit of celebrating Independence Day.

After all, it's a great day to feel patriotism and recognize that America is the greatest country on the planet in all its serious problems.

And the day got dark because I remembered again that I had no independence from the shootings. In a sense, July 4th was stolen from us.

Robert Crimo III, 21, was taken into police custody Monday evening.

Robert Climo III, 21 years old detained by police Monday evening. (Catherine Rappelling / Insert: Highland Park Police)

From the rooftop of the Chicago suburbs, yet another crazy and vicious shooter It raises so many chilling questions that shot. The July 4th parade will no longer be possible without police snipers on all nearby roofs. Who can participate with confidence next year? Is there a parade anymore? What about other mass rallies where authorities are unable to secure the area?

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It may sound like an overreaction, but the purpose of terrorism is to instill fear, which is the definition of a textbook. Headed after being slaughtered in Buffalo, Texas, and now Highland Park on the country's birthday, killing at least 7 people and injuring 40, even if you're very unlikely to be shot Difficult to extrude from. ..

Police have an "interested person" in custody. Again, I don't reward anyone who names him and asks for insane attention, but the evidence is very suggestive. He is a white rapperin the Chicago region, who describes him as a "hip-hop phenom" on his social media pages, and his face and neck are covered with tattoos. It's no surprise to find that his page contains violent images, such as heavily armed archers attending school. Police say they made a DNA match.

The shooting will take place just nine days after President Biden signs a modest bipartisan compromise aimed at gun safety, mental health and school safety. That's all he's likely to get from Congress.

But Biden, who says "more to do" and "must fight for it," has made a radical change than he and many Democrats support. Even so, the suspicious one would have stopped the slaughter.

FBI agents work the scene of a shooting at a Fourth of July parade on July 5, 2022, in Highland Park, Illinois. Police have detained Robert "Bobby" E. Crimo III, 21, in connection with the shooting.

FBI agents are shooting on Independence Day Working at the July Parade on July 5, 2022 in Highland Park, Illinois. Police detained Robert "Bobby" E. Climo III, 21, in connection with the shooting. (Jim Vondruska / Getty Images)

The presidential party wanted to raise the age of rifle purchases from 18 to 21. The suspect is 21 years old, but of course he could have waited until he was 22 years old.

Biden and most Democrats wanted theLocomotive Act,, but it didn't work here, it didn't. Buffalo shooters work primarily in New York, where they have unleashed racist attacks on black supermarket shoppers.

A national ban on assault-type weapons, which Biden assisted in passage in 1994 and was abolished by Congress 10 years later, may have mitigated the damage. According to police, Highland Park shooters are using AR-15-like rifles, and if such semi-automatic weapons were banned, he could not have shot down 70 ammunition. there is. (He had a 2-chome rifle in his car.) Authorities said many victims suffered "war wounds."

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To be honest, all guns It's time to admit that there is no law that can stop mass shootings. The bipartisan billwas a step forward and it would have been worth stopping one or two shots. All life is precious.

However, the country is flooded with privately owned guns, so the goal of stopping people for criminal purposes is like climbing a very high mountain, although there is no criminal record in the past. Thing.

Instead, let's look at the rise of violent anger in this country. How many young Americans are obsessed with hatred, attracted to shooting people, and desperate to get out in the flames of glory that they are willing to die in the process. I gave birth to a man.

Police deploy after gunfire erupted at a Fourth of July parade in the wealthy Chicago suburb of Highland Park, Illinois, U.S. July 4, 2022.

A shooting occurred at the parade on July 4th. Later, police deployed on July 4, 2022, in the wealthy suburbs of Chicago, Highland Park, Illinois, USA.(ABC series WLS / ABC7 via REUTERS)

They have planned these attacks for several months and have a clear imitation aspect. , Seems to surpass the previous slaughter. They fire indiscriminately twice in theaters, nightclubs, marathons, college campuses, elementary schools, and now in parades. They go beyond normal human emotional similarities and beyond repentance. They want to kill as many strangers as possible.

This is not a kind of plea to investigate the root cause of alienation.How sick and twisted do you need to be eager to take human lives at random?

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Police , A clear motive for the suspect. I don't really care what his motive is. The victims were between 8 and 85 years old. This is totally crazy.

Illinois Democratic Governor J.B. Pritzker said he was "furious" and "people who say today isn't that day and it's not the time will talk about guns." Stated. He says he has no better day or time than he is here now.

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"Home Alone" was filmed Highland Park, , has a large Jewish and Asian community with historically low crime rates. Illinois has the sixth strictest gun law in the country. But officials said many of the crimes committed there, including everyday street crimes in Chicago, involved guns from outside the state, stressing that the governor couldn't block the border.

And the community and nation were left with a burning painful feeling that Independence Day had been hijacked, darkening the day when many of us were anxious to celebrate. 

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