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Why fear from weapons used in genocide does not lead to their ban

(CNN)Yet another massacre is the choice of American mass shootings.

These tragicnow familiar ritualshave a new dimension. Doctors explain exactly what such weapons do. This is a detail that was not previously mentioned due to respect for the dead. .. This is in line with the wave of anger and understanding among relatives and Americans of victims who want to change the availability of rifles that can kill multiple lives in seconds. And there is a new demand for renewal of long-expired offensive weapons that prohibits Republicans claiming infringement of constitutional rights from refusing to ponder.
"The missing people were blown up by the shooting-bombed"An obstetrician who treated the victims on the scene after the shooting aton Monday. Dr. David BaumThe July 4th paradeat Highland Park, Illinois, told CNN.
Authorities state thatsuspectused a "powerful rifle." It is described by a spokesman for the Lake County Major Crime Task Force as "similar to the AR-15."

"Literally, some bodies had a disembowelment due to the power of this gun and bullet. There was another person who suffered an indescribable head injury," Baum said. Told.

His comment is the tragedy that pediatrician Dr. Roy Guerrero, who worked at a hospital in Uvalde, Texas, accepted the injured and dead in the May massacre at Robb Elementary School. Reminded me of a testimony. He said, "Two children whose bodies were highly shattered by bullets aimed at them were decapitated, their flesh was highly torn, and the only clue about their identity was blood splatters. It was a cartoon outfit. "

Such horrific direct testimony fuels a new call for political action. But so far, little has been done to restructure the politics of gun control.

On Tuesday, Vice President Kamala Harriscalled on Congress to pass restrictions on offensive weapons excluded from the recently passed bipartisan gun law. .. Decades.

"Assault weapons are designed to kill many humans quickly," Harris said before visiting the site of Highland Park, not far from Chicago. "There is no reason we have war weapons on the streets of the United States. We need reasonable gun safety laws."

Charged for murder

Suspect,Robert Climo IIIallegedly fired more than 70 shots from the roof of a company near the shooting "similar to the AR-15. Use a rifle.

The AR-15, a semi-automatic rifle, was the type of weapon banned by the 1994 assault rifle ban, which expired in 2004.

AR-15 or similar weapons killed 19 children and 2 teachers Uvalde shooter, alleged buffalo supermarket slaughterer, 2018 Florida High School Used in murderers, and countless other mass murders in the United States. In many cases, they were legally purchased.

Still, the possibility of renewing the ban on offensive weapons could be worse than ever since the expiration of the original law almost 20 years ago.

On Tuesday, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell said the outlook for the new gun control law would soon be dim.

"I think yesterday's shooting is another example of the problem. The problem is mental health and these young men who appear to have been urged to commit these atrocities. Therefore, the bill we passed is a problem. "

His comments apply to the Republican Party's belief that the availability of deadly weapons used in mass shootings is not an issue. And it showed the political usefulness of the new law for Republican leaders. Because that means he can claim that Congress has already acted after the future massacre.

However,a bipartisan law signed by President Joe Biden at the end of last monthwas not enough to ban assault weapons and to secure more guns. s country.

The lack of appetite between the conservative foundations for banning these weapons narrows the political incentives for Republicans to act. And as the GOP goes further to the right, there is even less support for gun limits. Some Republican politicians actually presented such rifles in campaign ads to prove their conservative goodwill.

Only two Republican senators who voted for bipartisan law this year are facing re-election. The other four are retired. Many Republican candidates running for parliament in the form of former President Donald Trump this year have drawn a new federal gun law as the beginning of the end of Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment, but are unlikely to accept gun regulations. We will arrive at Capitol Hill after this year's midterm elections.

Is the new law already abolished?

In the aftermath of the shootings at Highland Park, some local politicians, including Governor J.B. Pritzker of the Illinois Democratic Party, have some Americans owning offensive weapons. I pointed out that freedom inevitably meant that such firearms could reject other firearms-the ultimate freedom when they were abused by mass shooters-to life itself.

On Tuesday, Lake County lawyer Eric Reinhardt demanded more gun control, including a ban on offensive weapons, after announcing charges against Klimo. "Everyone who stepped out of here and died lost their freedom. That's all," he said. "Their freedom is also important."

But even the strong national majority who support the strengthening of gun law is an obstacle to the Senate, a filibuster rule and a state-by-state that gives the minority a great power. You will have a hard time overcoming the constitutional dynamics of the two senators. On the other hand, the conservative majority of the Supreme Court is set to relax gun law, which can also hinder long-term overhaul efforts.

It may be tempting to conclude that gun security advocates emphasize the uselessness of measures such as the new bipartisan law for genocide in Highland Park. This includes incentives for the state to use the "danger signal" law. This allows authorities to confiscate weapons and prevent future purchases from considered threatened civilians. Illinois already has such a law, but it doesn't appear to have been invoked after police confiscated knives and swords from Klimo's house in 2019 and then returned them the same day. Kurimo legally purchased five firearms (a combination of rifles, pistols and, in some cases, shotguns) between 2020 and 2021.

However, Connecticut Democratic Senator Chris Murphy argued that the law could have been valid in this case if it had been enforced. He advertised measures to provide the state with millions of dollars to educate officials on how the Locomotive Act can be used. "A well-executed Locomotive Act may have worked here," Murphy told CNN's Anderson Cooper on Tuesday.

Proponents of the new law argued that it would be worth it if it stopped one shooting-and it follows at least the decade since Sandy Hook Elementary School. Progress from permanent omission 2012 massacre.

But the horrors of Highland Park also show that the United States is far from eradicating the mass shooting plague. It's certain that there will be more stories soon, like the tragic one of a two-year-old boy who lost his parents on Monday. Or, 88-year-old Steven Strauss would still be alive if the United States had stricter gun control, his grandson Tobias told CNN.

"The gun lobby and the cultural worship of American guns are deadly. It kills my grandfather," Tobias added.