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A wife stunned to find out that her husband is a woman after having sex with her husband for 10 months

An Indonesian woman is crouching after learning that her 10-month-old husband is actually a woman. Despite the fact that they often "have sex".

A 22-year-old wife (identified only as "NA") is currently accusating her estranged spouse over deception.

According to her website, NA first met her spouse (who went under the name Ahnaf Arrafif ) on her dating app Tantan last year.

Arafif claimed to be an educated doctor in New York, and the two immediately defeated it with a message.

The pair met in May 2021 after Arrafif traveled to NA's hometown of Jambi. Arafif proposed after a while and tied the knot in July 2021.

A woman named Erayani Arrafif (pictured) has reportedly been charged with fraud in Indonesia after she posed as a man and tricked another woman into marrying her. The couple were married for 10 months before the truth of Arrafif's sex was revealed.

NA was intimate with her spouse during marriage He admitted that he believed they were engaged in actual sexual intercourse.

However, she was told "Don't look directly at Arafif's genitals" and admitted that every time things got hot and humid, her "her eyes were covered with cloth". ..

NA also claimed that when things were in a "power outage", Arafif would only be naked with the lights off,Suara.comreports.

NA's mother is reportedly fascinated by Arrafif before her marriage, but when she actually seemed to have no job. , Immediately became suspicious.

Arafif moved with NA and her mother, and she immediately began to seek money. In the months that followed, NA's interfering mom became more and more convinced that her "son-in-law" was a scammer. She also began to be skeptical that Arafif was a man and tried to get her ID.

In April 2022, she finally confronted Arafif and ordered her to be naked. At that time, Arafif is said to have admitted that he was actually a woman named Erayani Arafif.

Arrafif is seen in photo published by media in Indonesia. The case has generated widespread attention in the region.

NA and her mother contacted police and Arrafif Was charged with the currently reported fraud.

The scammer admitted to the police that he tricked NA into making her think she was having sex with her fingers.

It is currently unknown if Arrafif could face imprisonment if convicted of fraud. The court date has not yet been announced.